Brazil Is A Tourism Hotspot


Brazil Is A Tourism Hotspot

Brazil Tourism
With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics on the horizon, leisure operators say Brazil is about to undergo a tourism boom to match its economic growth.

Brazil is known as the spiritual home of football, with hugely passionate fans as well as one of the world's most successful international teams.  Tourists are expected to flock to the 2014 tournament, which promises to be a memorable event.  The 2016 Olympics will probably draw tourists who want to explore Brazil as well as enjoy some great sporting action.

The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics promise to draw swathes of international tourists to Brazil – and not just to internationally-renowned cities such as Sao Paolo and Rio de Janiero.

Both the World Cup and the Olympics are being spread across the country, with host cities including Salvador in the north-eastern state of Bahia.  This promises to boost international awareness and tourism, as well as offer a much-needed infrastructure upgrade across the relatively under-developed northeast.

Brazil's tourism growth boosts property investment

Experience International, a global leisure operator, suggests that this tourism growth will drive property investment in Brazil.  According to the firm: “stable, growing and on the verge of high value growth, Brazil property is said to be is one of the best property investments in the world today. Compared with other areas, it has comparable if not better factors affecting land for tourism and investment. In our opinion, no other country or property market offers what Brazil can provide.”

Tourist destinations such as Bahia – Brazil's number one domestic holiday location are set to particularly benefit from the country's growth as international travellers discover this tropical paradise and its under-valued property market.  As Dan Freeman from Brazil Bahia Property (IBBI) notes, “Bahia's property market is ripe for investment as the World Cup and Olympics will showcase it to a whole world of tourists.”

Brazil's property growth will improve infrastructure

These international investments will boost infrastructure across the north-east as well as improve aviation links, an aim president Dilma Rousseff highlighted on entering office.

Brazil does desperately need an infrastructure upgrade, as Giovanni Bisignani, the International Air Transport Association's director general and chief executive officer, recently noted.

“Brazil's airports will not be capable of successfully hosting the FIFA World Cup or the Olympics without major changes. Time is running out for major infrastructure projects,” he warned.

Although aviation in Brazil has grown by 10% since 2003, it is only ranked 37th in the world – simply not good enough for the world's eighth largest economy and one of its fastest growers.

However, Brazil's growing economy and tourism prospects ensure that foreign and domestic investment will rapidly boost national infrastructure, promising gains for property investors.

The need for expansion combined with the county's encouragement of foreign investment both in infrastructure and Brazilian property ensure that the country is likely to experience continued growth for some time.

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Brazil Is A Tourism Hotspot

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