Busca Vida A Guide To The Area


Busca Vida, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaBusca Vida A Guide To The Area

There are many tourist locations in Bahia that offer beautiful beaches, beach activities, water sports and a lot more. While all these are great places to spend a holiday, those who prefer to leave the crowds behind and spend their time in the company of just the waves and the sands have to really go some distance in search of more secluded beaches.

Busca Vida is one such beach that offers all the privacy that you may want. It is a stunning beach with golden sands washed by waves from a green blue sea. The Busca Vida Beach itself is enclosed by a gated condominium making it easily accessible only to its residents.

Reaching Busca Vida

Busca Vida is located about 40 km from Salvador in the municipality of Camaçari on the Coconut Coast. It is just 17 km away from the Salvador international airport. Salvador is well connected with the rest of Brazil and the major cities of the world. The proximity to Salvador and other places such as Praia do Forte allows visitors to combine these places into one big itinerary.

Comfortable Tropical Climate And Ideal Surfing Conditions

The climate of the region is tropical with the temperatures at comfortable levels throughout the year. The cool winds from the sea make things even more comfortable outdoors.

The open sea here brings in the waves that are perfect for surfing. The Bahia Surf Camp, a surfing resort which is located here is a testimony to the ideal surfing conditions.

The only way non-residents of the condominium can access the beach is by walking from neighboring beaches. Not many people do that which gives the place the privacy which is one of its strong points.

Things To See And Do At Busca Vida
The Beach

The Busca Vida Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach about 9 km long. It has been a favorite haunt of famous athletes like Carlos Burle and Rodrigo Resende. The beach with golden sands has plenty of palm trees. The beautiful lagoon here gives the area its name.

A walk down the beach to the mouth of the Joanes River is worth the time and effort. The river is the border between the municipalities of Camaçari and Lauro de Freitas. The scenery along the way is captivating and the place has the privacy and clear waters for a refreshing bath at the end of the journey. The place is also ideal for fishing.

The beach is also an excellent place to lazily sunbath during the day. A walk at night enjoying the cool breeze and the star filled night sky against the silhouette of palm trees is very refreshing both for the body as well as the mind.

The Bahia Surf Camp
Scuba Diving

If you want to surf or learn surfing then the Surf Camp is the place to stay. Not only does it have access to this exclusive beach, it also has all facilities and equipment that you will need. There are no supermarkets at the condominium, but the Surf Camp arranges everything that you need.

If you need more commercial shops and markets they are just 15 minutes away by car. The Surf School teaches surfing and you will be given training in the basics as well as safety rules and precautions. Students are divided into batches depending on their skill levels.

The camp has trained instructors and offers a physical conditioning program as well as yoga. There are other things like the Brazilian martial art of Jiu-Jitsu, kite surfing, scuba diving and massage.

The Bahia Surf Camp also offers a number of packages which include accommodation, food, surfing classes and other activities.

Flora And Fauna

Busca Vida is a protected beach where you will find a variety of species of plants, animals and birds. You will also be able to see sea turtles. Tamarins also frequent resorts in the area and sometimes interact with the guests.

Food And Places To Stay In Busca Vida

The best option is to rent a holiday home in the condominium. The Bahia Plaza Resort and the Surf Camp is also an option. For people who want to spend less, there is the option of staying in a nearby town like Salvador or Lauro de Freitas and walking in from the nearby beaches. Nearby beaches like Jaua and Arembepe also have more traditional beach facilities like restaurants.

Busca Vida provides the ideal combination of tranquility and a beautiful beach with the luxury of privacy for a peaceful relaxing holiday. It is a favorite with up-market tourists and residents. The real estate here is also sought after by both local Brazilian people and foreigners.

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Busca Vida A Guide To The Area

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