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Buy Salvador Real Estate


Buy Salvador Real Estate

Property investments in Bahia have never looked more attractive than what it is these days and Salvador is an optimum choice because it gives the ideal blend of natural beauty and conveniences of modern living.

No wonder then that Salvador real estate is always in high demand and many people from Brazil as well as investors and holiday home seekers from around the world take a keen interest in it.

The fast growing economy and the immense tourism potential of the place makes Salvador rank high in the eyes of Bahia real estate seekers.

Salvador, Ideally Located, Easily Reachable And Well Connected

Salvador is a port city and the capital of the northeastern coastal state of Bahia. It has earned the reputation of being 'Brazil's capital of happiness' due to its relaxed and carnival type atmosphere, easy going people and outdoor parties. It has the third highest population among Brazilian cities after Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Located on the small peninsula that separates the Todos os Santos Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, it is a major port that lies right in the centre of the rich agricultural and industrial region of Reconcavo Baiano.

Though the international airport at Salvador would be the most preferred entry point for travelers from other countries, it is also accessible by the sea with the port being a usual stop for international cruises. Salvador is also well connected by long distance buses to other parts of Brazil.
Salvador Real Estate

The location will instantly make real estate Salvador a hit with anybody who understands the capital appreciation potential of a growing port city right in the middle of an economically active zone with unlimited tourism possibilities.

A Rich History And A Meeting Point Of Many Different Cultures

The rich culture of modern day Salvador is not surprising considering the significant role that it played in the history of the region. The region was first visited by the Portuguese in 1500. They named the bay Todos os Santos which means 'All saints bay' from which Salvador got its name. The city was established in 1549 by the Portuguese.

Dutch and Jewish settlers used Salvador as their entry point. The Jews spread their culture throughout Bahia, but Catholicism had the highest influence on it. Soon the small town grew into one of the largest cities in the continent.

It is divided into an upper and lower city with the population mostly living in the upper city which was the religious and administrative area. The lower city which was the financial center had the port and market.Salvador was the capital of Brazil till 1763 after which Rio de Janeiro took over that role. It played a significant role in the slave trade and the large black population today is testimony of that fact. With so many different cultures having played a role in the development of the city, it is not surprising that it is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Salvador Lighthouse

This distinguished culture enhances the attraction of the city as a tourist destination. Salvador real estate market benefits from the bright economic prospects as well as the tourism potential.

The main language is Portuguese but most people understand and speak English and Spanish. Seafood is the most popular cuisine. The tropical climate is excellent with the temperature hovering around 27°C all round the year.

Places To Visit And Things To Do

• The squares of Praca da Se and the Terreiro de Jesus connected by the cathedral at the corner are popular places to hang out.

• The museum is a place to visit with exhibits documenting the slave trade and the historical past.

• Largo do Pelourinho, a triangular plaza, is one of the oldest parts of the city.

• The main market, Mercado Modelo, is the place to visit for buying crafts and souvenirs.

• Igreja do Nosso Senhor do Bonfim is a small church and one of the most significant pilgrimage sites of Brazil.

• Other modern day attractions like parks, golf courses and water sports that can be expected from a port city are always there.

Salvador Real Estate Options
Salvador Beach

Salvador provides all types of real estate possibilities ranging from apartments to villas on the residential segment. Commercial investors will also find all options from undeveloped land to malls and hotels. The prices vary a lot depending upon the location, size and the amenities. Let us take a look at the price ranges for residential Salvador real estate.

Apartments could cost you anywhere from $53,460 to $1,688,250. Average price of apartments is around $266,260.

Houses are available from $67,530 to $1,519,427. Average price is close to $436,240.

Salvador will be the host city for the 2014 world cup and 2016 Olympics and the possibility of capital appreciation is truly immense. If being a port city in the midst of an economic region of a fast growing Brazilian economy was not good enough for Salvador real estate seekers, the culture and tourism potential makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

View real estate in Salvador now.

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Buy Salvador Real Estate

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