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Buy Your Dream Island Home In Boipeba


Boipeba, Cairú - Brasil, BahiaBuy Your Dream Island Home In Boipeba

Owning an island may be a far-fetched dream, but you can come close to it if you have a home in Boipeba. Boipeba is located in the county of Cairu and is one of the islands of the Tinhare archipelago on the southern coast of Bahia. It is separated from the mainland by a backwater lake. Boipeba is a beautiful island with a rich ecosystem untouched by urbanization and development. If you want a peaceful holiday home on a beautiful tropical island, Boipeba is the place to look for it.

Boipeba - Highlights

At Boipeba, you have everything that tropical dream islands are made up of. The island has dense tropical rainforests, palm lined beaches, coral reefs, salt marshes, sand dunes, mangroves and a variety of flora and fauna.

The wide reefs are dotted with shallow pools and crisscrossed by canals. Sea turtles nest on the beaches and the reefs are home to rich marine life, which includes many types of coral, colorful fish, star fish, mollusks and sea urchins. The forests are home to a variety of birds, foxes, reptiles, armadillos and insects.

It's only natural that a place so rich in vegetation and wild life is protected and preserved. You can access these islands only by boats and no vehicles except tractors are allowed. Boats are the popular form of transport for people going from one village to another. Underground cables supply electricity to all parts of the island.

The island has four villages: Velha Boipeba, Morere, Monte Alegre and Sao Sebastiao. Velha Boipeba is the most prominent island on the village and is home to about 2000 people. The traditional occupation is fishing and agriculture, but over the last decade tourism has gained a foothold. In Morere, another popular village for tourists, you will find pousadas, bars and restaurants. Sao Sebastiao is on the southern coast of the island.

Real Estate In Boipeba

Boipeba is the ideal place to buy your dream island home untouched by modern development and surrounded by nature. Real estate in Boipeba consists of large tracts of land, traditional houses on large plots and small hotels catering to tourists. Land is available from about R$150,000 onwards. You will get houses from R$240,000 and hotels from R$3,500,000. Let's take a closer look at the options.

Affordable Land In Boipeba (Prices up to R$1,000,000)

With a budget of between R$150,000 to R$1,000,000, you can get 400 to 4000 sq. meters of land in some great locations in Boipeba. You can find land near the highest point of the island offering great panoramic views of the sea and the beaches. Land is also available near the arrival pier, inside the village or next to the tourist-intensive beach of Mero. You can also look for locations close to the Boca da Barra beach where the backwater meets the sea.

Due to the limited transportation facilities, it makes sense to look for land near the main streets through which the tractors pass. Locations near the sea are also good because you will get boats to easily go to other parts of the island. Most of the lots have electricity and running water. Some have perennial sources of fresh water. Expect land to be covered with lush green vegetation and native fruit trees like cashew, mango and coconut palms.

Land Over R$1,000,000

With higher budgets, you can get large pieces of land suitable for a luxury home, a small hotel or for resale as multiple lots. You can expect a minimum area of 2000 sq. meters. You will get land with sea views in the best locations near the beach or close to the village. Beachfront land is also available.

Houses below R$350,000

The lower range of houses consists of comfortable traditional homes in great locations. You can find such houses close to the village square in Boipeba or just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. Transportation should not be a problem as most of these homes are close to streets used by tractors.


• Up to 3 bedrooms.
• Up to 600 sq. meters of land.
• 100 to 150 sq. meters construction.
• Good construction quality.
• Garden.
• Fruit trees.

Houses above $350,000

With a larger budget, you will be able to buy large homes in prime locations close to the beach or houses close to areas with beach huts, bars and restaurants. Some homes come partly or fully furnished. There is usually enough space to enlarge the house or build a smaller home for guests. Some of these homes can also be converted into small hotels.


• 3 to 4 bedrooms.
• Large lots with more than 800 sq. meters of land.
• Constructed area of at least 200 sq. meters.
• Excellent construction quality using the best quality wood.
• Beautiful garden.
• Fruit trees and exotic plants.
• Fresh water source.
• Pantry.
• Lockers.
• Space for barbecue.
• Separate room or washroom for maids.
• Balconies with nice view.


Tourism in Boipeba may be in its infancy, but the island has the potential to become another tourist hotspot in Bahia. A small hotel will be an investment with great potential for revenues as well as capital appreciation. Price of a hotel can vary between R$3,500,000 to R$5,000,000 depending on location, size and infrastructure. You can expect at least 250 sq. meters of construction on plots of over 800 sq. meters. In most hotels, there is plenty of room for expansion. The majority of these properties are already operational.


• At least 3 guest rooms.
• Restaurant with indoor or outdoor seating or both.
• Great locations near the beach or in places close to tourist activity. Beachfront locations are also available.
• Rooms with great view.
• Fully furnished and equipped.
• Reception.
• Pantry.
• Living facility for employees.
• Water source and storage facilities.
• Beautiful garden or orchard.
• Solar power in some properties.

If you are looking for an escape from the rush of urban life, few places can match Boipeba. You can own a home or invest in a commercial property on this beautiful tropical island. Owning a house here gives you a great holiday home that can also be rented to tourists. Real estate in Boipeba offers great options for holiday homes, commercial ventures as well as real estate investment.

View all real estate in Boipeba.

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