Buying Real Estate In Salvador An Overview Of What Is Available


Buying Real Estate In Salvador An Overview Of What Is Available

Salvador, one of the most important cities of Brazil and the capital of Bahia has all the advantages that someone looking for real estate in an urban setting in Brazil could hope for. The place has all the urban conveniences, a port, an international airport and is also well-connected with the rest of Brazil by road.

It is also a place with brisk economic and tourism activity which provides plenty of employment and business opportunities. If you are looking for good urban real estate investments in Bahia, then you are likely to find it among the real estate for sale in Salvador.

Salvador is a city with many places of historic importance. Being a coastal city, it also has many lovely beaches. The population is friendly and the place wears a party atmosphere which is enhanced by the large number of tourists it receives.

Salvador is also famous for its nightlife. Overall, it is a great place to work or run a business. The real estate here has a vast array of offerings suitable for different purposes and budgets.

Salvador Real Estate - An Overview

Salvador Real Estate
Salvador provides all types of real estate possibilities ranging from small apartments to large luxury villas in the residential segment. People looking for commercial real estate will also find a variety of options ranging from undeveloped land to malls and hotels. The prices vary depending upon the location, size and the amenities provided.

Apartments cost from R$155,000 to R$5,760,000 with an average of R$540,600. The price range of houses overlaps with apartments and starts from R$150,000. Depending upon the locality, size and facilities the price of a house could be as high as R$10,000,000. The average price of a house will be about R$1,121,270.

Commercial real estate is available from R$195,000 for a small shop to R$5,000,000 for a large outlet. On an average, a commercial real estate will cost about R$1,565,000. Salvador is an excellent place to run a hotel considering the demand from tourism. A hotel will cost from R$600,000 to R$3,000,000 at an average of about R$1,533,360. 

Land is available in plots of varying sizes. The average cost of land will be about R$1,140,000. However, land is available from about R$780,000 to R$1,500,000.

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Apartments in Salvador

Salvador Apartment
You can get apartments in Salvador in the areas of Horto Florestal, Imbuí, Paralela, Pituba, Brotas, Piatã and Barra for less than R$200,000. There are many apartments in this range with sea view and easy access to the city center and close to everyday conveniences like schools and shopping centers.

You will get one to three bedroom apartments with fitted cabinets, security, concierge and parking. Some basic common facilities may also be available.

With a budget between R$200,000 to R$400,000, you can find apartments in nice locations in many areas of Salvador. These apartments will again be one to three bedroom units with slightly better common facilities like pool, sauna, ballroom, spa, party hall, games room, assembly room, etc.

Apartments between R$400,000 and R$600,000 are located at convenient and very good locations close to beaches and everyday requirements. You can expect two to four bedrooms and maybe one or two suites. You may also get a maid room and other facilities like jacuzzi, barbecue and quadra sports facilities.

If you are looking for larger apartments in condos with many recreational facilities, you can find them in the R$600,000 to R$800,000 price range. You can expect two to four large bedrooms with up to three suites. You will also get multiple car parking and maybe common facilities like playground and sports courts.

If you want an apartment with all leisure facilities in a premium area with an uncrowded layout, for example, one apartment per floor, etc., you can get it in the R$800,000 to R$1,000,000 price range. These are three or four suite apartments. You will get good leisure facilities like games courts, massage room and party space.

There are many apartments in the R$1,000,000 to R$3,000,000 range in premium locations of Horto Florestal, Jaguaribe, Vitória, Barra, Vermelho, Paralela, Ondina, Graça and Itaigara. Many of these apartments are large in size with four to six suites and many types of leisure facilities. Some of them can be classified as luxury homes.

Luxury apartments in Salvador cost over R$3,000,000. These are mostly located in upmarket condos in Horto Florestal and Vitória. You can expect the best locations with many advantages and a wonderful sea or bay view. You will have all everyday conveniences close-by and also have easy access to the city. You can expect four to six suites and all leisure facilities including a large well-designed pool.

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Houses In Salvador

Salvador House
Being an urban area, the houses in Salvador are located in well-planned communities. Most houses are close to the beach and you can expect a nice sea view. From some areas you can also get a panoramic view of the All Saints Bay. Basic facilities can be expected at the lower end of the range, but as you increase your budget you are likely to get very useful common facilities.

Houses below R$500,000 will offer one to four bedrooms. These are in fairly good locations in the areas of Stella Maris, São Cristóvão, Piatã, Patamares and Itapuã. Depending upon the price, you may get facilities such as, pool, parking, concierge, maid quarters, kennel, etc.

In the next range up to R$1,000,000, you will be able to find houses in nice locations in gated communities. You can expect two to five bedrooms with one or more suites. Facilities such as pool, garden, parking, employee quarters and jacuzzi can be expected.

Common facilities of the condo usually includes security, reception, quadra sports, indoor sports, playground, barbecue area and party area. These houses are mostly located in the areas of Patamares, Stella Maris, Pelourinho, Itapuã, Jardim Apipema, Jaguaribe and Piatã.

For prices between R$1,000,000 and R$2,000,000, you can find houses with three to six bedrooms or suites. You can expect all facilities including pool, parking, service area, employee quarters and water storage facilities. You can also expect common facilities in the community, for example, library, sports courts and indoor sports.

These houses are located in the areas of Graça, Itaigara, Itapuã, Pelourinho, Piatã, Stella Maris, Barra, Caminho das Árvores and Horto Florestal. You can expect premium locations near the beaches and easy access to the city, schools, supermarkets and malls.

The best houses in Salvador have a price tag well above R$2,000,000. These are mostly five to seven suite luxury houses in the very best locations of the city and built on large plots with green areas and well laid out gardens. You will also get a large swimming pool and plenty of leisure facilities.

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Commercial Real Estate

Salvador Commercial
Shops and space for commercial outlets from 30 to 45 sq. meters are available in various commercial areas of Salvador. They are located near malls or large shopping centers and are suitable for starting a small outlet. In most cases you have generator backup, maintenance service, security and other such facilities necessary for the smooth functioning of the outlet. Larger spaces up to 800 sq. meters area also available which can be used to start a small shopping center. 

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Hotels For Sale In Salvador

Small hotels with about eight to ten rooms and constructed area of up to 700 sq. meters are easily available. They are located near restaurants and bars and most of them come fully furnished with air-conditioning. 

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In Salvador, it should be easy to find land between 1000 and 1500 sq. meters in area, which is suitable for construction of a house. Usually, plots of land are located close to the beach or other waterfront locations.

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Salvador being a city with well-developed infrastructure and high level of economic and tourist activity, gives very good opportunities for investments in real estate. Every type of real estate for sale in Salvador, be it apartments, houses, commercial outlets, hotels or land gives you plenty of choices and caters to many different budgets.

There are many residential and commercial areas and the prices differ depending on the location. Every location has its own unique advantages and you will be able to find one that is suitable for your requirements.

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Buying Real Estate In Salvador An Overview Of What Is Available

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