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Eight Things You Must Do In Porto Seguro


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaEight Things You Must Do In Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is an amazing and fascinating place in Bahia. The coastal city offers a fantastic combination of rich history, Bahian culture, delicious cuisine, exciting nightlife, white sandy beaches, lovely landscapes and tropical vegetation.

The fun never stops in this place. There are so many things to do in Porto Seguro that you will always find it difficult to cover all of them unless you stay here for a number of days. We take a look at the most important activities and attractions.

1: Visit The Historic Center (Cidade Histórica)

Porto Seguro Historic Center
The historic center is one of the must-see places in town. One of the first towns in the country, it played a significant role in the discovery and colonization of Brazil. The place was established in 1535, though it was destroyed by fire two decades later. It was later rebuilt in the 19th century. Today there are 48 buildings which include three churches.

You can climb a staircase from the street below to reach the historic center. The lovely view of the ocean from above makes the climb worthwhile. At night, due to safety reasons, it is better to avoid the stairs and take a taxi instead. A special lighting system illuminates the whole area at night. Don't forget to buy souvenirs and enjoy some local snacks while you are there. Here are the important monuments to see:

• Marco do Descobrimento.

• Church of Our Lady of Pena.

• Igreja da Misericórdia.

• The Chapel of the Savior.

• The Fort.

• Chamber house and Jail.

• Casa do Ouvidor.

2: See The Porto Seguro Museum

Porto Seguro Museum
The Museu Porto Seguro is housed in the former town council building. The exhibits will give you glimpses of the early settlements in Brazil. The museum contains several rooms, each of which depicts or gives information about life during the early days and the colonial era. You will also be able to watch several informative films and documentaries covering rites and celebrations of the olden days. The museum is a great place to visit, especially if you love history or have a curiosity about Brazil's past.

3: Have A Great Time At The Porto Seguro Bay

The bay is at the northern side of the city. Though there are no hard boundaries, the long white sandy beach is divided into four main beaches, Praia Curuípe, Praia Itacimirim, Praia Mundaí and Praia Taperapuã.

The sea is quiet in the area and the beaches, made up of thick white sand and shells, are bordered by cliffs, fresh green vegetation and coconut palms at several places. You will find many beach clubs and barracas here. You can join the crowds as the MCs and experienced dancers lead them through popular dances.

Curuípe Beach is known for its warm water and gentle waves. Natural pools form at low tide. The Mundaí is relatively more crowded and is more of an urban beach. You can buy nice dishes from the cabins here. The busiest beach is the Taperapuã, which is the place where the mega parties are held. There are many beach shacks here. You can also go on helicopter tours. From the downtown pier, sailboats will take you to Recife de Fora, an offshore coral reef where natural pools with crystal clear waters form at low tide.

4: Enjoy Nightlife At The Passarela do A'lcool

Porto Seguro Nightlife
This street, near the city center, is the place for great nightlife. It has a variety of bars, restaurants and shops. You can get everything here – local music, local beverages, tropical fruits, etc. You must try the capeta, a cocktail made from vodka, condensed milk, cocoa, spices and a few other ingredients. You can also shop for handicrafts. The restaurants serve dishes from local and international cuisines. The place wakes up at night with live music and street performers.

5: Dine At The Tia Nenzinha

This restaurant in the Passarela do A'lcool requires special mention. You can indulge in some authentic Bahian dishes here. Moqueca, a stew of fish and shrimps is the specialty. Try the Moqueca de Peize com Camarão, which comes with rice, traditional salad and a gravy called the Pirao.

6: Take A Trip To The Ilha dos Aquário (Aquarium Island)

This is a trip that is fun for the whole family. Imagine taking a boat across a river to an island which houses aquariums containing sharks, stingrays and may different types of fish.

The island, on the Buranhém River, is accessible only by boat from the small ferry at the fisherman's dock. It combines environmental protection, aquariums and great nightlife as a single package. The place has some good restaurants and bars, where in addition to great food, you can enjoy good music and dance.

7: Dine At The Restaurante Portinha

Porto Seguro Restaurant
This is the place to go for wonderful local food at reasonable prices. Most people say that the place merits repeat visits. The restaurant offers great ambiance with live music. There is a main hall, mezzanine and outdoor seating. The food is served by weight, in kilo basis. You can treat yourself to gourmet dishes including those made from fresh fish fillets.

8: Go On The Reserva Indígena da Jaqueir Tour

This is a great natural and cultural experience where you will be guided by the native people with painted faces and dressed in their traditional ways. You will experience an exciting trek through the tropical jungle. You can see medicinal trees, local fruits growing in their natural environment and observe the hunting traps. 

You can join the action as the natives demonstrate their rituals and try some of the native dishes, for example, roasted fish cooked in their own style. You can also practice archery and buy tribal handicrafts.

We have covered some of the best things to do in Porto Seguro. This is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many more attractions and activities. You will need quite a long stay to do complete justice to the place. There are plenty of hotels, but if you are going to stay for long, consider renting a house or an apartment.

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Eight Things You Must Do In Porto Seguro

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