Four Must View Luxury Houses In Bahia


Four Must View Luxury Houses In Bahia

Bahia has a long coast dotted with small rustic towns and villages. The real estate market in locations like Praia do Forte and Trancoso are known for their large and peaceful homes located in green areas, close to lovely beaches. With the current slump in real estate, the prices have come down and there is a huge selection of houses in the market. Here are four houses that you should consider viewing if you are in the market for a luxury home in coastal Bahia.

4-Bedroom House In A Luxury Condo In Costa Do Sauipe

4-Bedroom House In A Luxury Condo In Costa Do Sauipe

Costa Do Sauipe is a resort complex situated along a 6 km section of the coastline, about 76 km from Salvador International Airport. The resort has always been a synonym for luxury with many luxury resorts, luxury condos, five-star hotels and event centers located within it. It also hosts major international events and tournaments. The resort includes three lovely beaches and a well-preserved scenic landscape.

The house is within an upscale condo in one of the best natural locations of the resort. It is a large home with ample ventilation. You can enjoy the sea view from two of its four air-conditioned bedrooms. One bedroom is overlooking the garden. There is a separate room with attached bath for the maid and a fully equipped kitchen. The two-floor house has a total constructed area of 317 sq. meters and it stands on 1432 sq. meters of prime land.

The house is surrounded by a large garden with spacious lawns. The living and dining rooms have large windows, which make the beautiful garden a part of your living space. The entire home is furnished and decorated with brand new furniture and high-quality fittings.

The garage outside can accommodate nine cars. There will be no parking shortage even if you have many guests or visitors. There is a locker to store your valuables. For relaxation, apart from the garden, there is a private pool with a deck and patio. You also have a party area for those special occasions. The current asking price is R$ 1,800,000.

Thai Style Luxury House In Itacimirim

Thai Style Luxury House In Itacimirim

The village of Itacimirim is an ideal place to live if you want to enjoy nature in peace and quiet without the rush and crowds of the cities. Itacimirim is just over an hour's drive from Salvador and is located 5 km from Praia do Forte. You are never far from the conveniences of the city, but fewer tourists come here compared to Praia do Forte. The beach next to the village runs for miles on both sides.

The 4-bedroom Thai-style house is within a luxury condo near the beach. It was designed by renowned architect David Bastos. This house has a raised garden and different sections are interconnected with a wooden deck. The property has a built-up area of about 400 sq. meters and is constructed on a lot of 2300 sq. meters. The home is fully furnished. Besides the living and dining rooms, you get four spacious bedrooms.

There is a large private pool with an 18m long deck and poolside seating. The house is surrounded by a large garden with a spacious lawn and many native plants and trees. Besides the private facilities, being part of a luxury condo has its own benefits.

The condominium gives 24-hour security, complete with a guard house and controlled access. There is an exclusive bridge for residents to access the beach. The large common swimming pool has a poolside bar, ideal for hanging out with friends. A grill is available for barbecue parties. For fitness lovers, there is a fully equipped gym and courts for outdoor games. The house is currently available for R$1,500,000.

Luxury Homes In A Hotel Complex In Trancoso

Luxury Homes In A Hotel Complex In Trancoso

If you want to live in the quiet company of nature, Trancoso is the perfect place to look for a home. The village is located about an hour's drive from the city of Porto Seguro on the Discovery Coast. Trancoso is the next village after the tourist destination of Arraial d'Ajuda. It is famous for its white-sand beaches flanked by cliffs. The beaches are uncrowded and natural pools form during low tide.

The houses are located in a condo within a luxury hotel complex close to the village square as well as the Praia dos Nativos beach. You have a choice of two, three or four bedrooms. The built-up area starts from 120 sq. meters. The hotel complex provides excellent security and leisure amenities, which can be used by the residents.

The houses are fully furnished and come with top-quality imported furnishings and fixtures. Everything from premium furniture to kitchen utensils is available. Each house has a private garden and a garage. The condo offers a reception, a large swimming pool, a restaurant and various recreational facilities.

This is the perfect house if you are looking for an investment, a holiday home or a second home. It’s also a great choice if you don't intent to live here all the time. When you are here, you have all the comforts and facilities and maintenance will not be a problem in your absence. The hotel makes it easy to rent your home. You can expect high occupancy and good revenue. The prices of these homes are available on request.

5-Bedroom House In A Luxury Condo In Praia Do Forte

5-Bedroom House In A Luxury Condo In Praia Do Forte

The coastal tourist town of Praia do Forte is located about 30 miles from the Salvador International Airport. It was once a small fishing village, but over the years, it has become one of the most visited destinations in this region of Brazil. With historical attractions, lovely beaches, coral reefs, the TAMAR turtle conservation project and the avenues for water sports, hiking, whale watching and adventure, the town is busy with tourists, especially during the peak seasons.

The house is located in one of the best condos in Praia Do Forte - Piscinas Naturais. It has direct access to the Praia do Lord beach. The two-floor house has an area of 400 sq. meters and is constructed on 544 sq. meters of land. It is surrounded by a well-designed garden and lawn.

The house has a large living room with balcony and a dining area overlooking the garden. There are five air-conditioned bedrooms. Four of these bedrooms are upstairs and three of them have balconies. The house is fully furnished.

You get your own private swimming pool with waterfall. There is a spa and a fully equipped party area with plates, grill, wine cellar and brewery. The condominium provides round the clock security. For recreation, there is a club with pool, ballroom, tennis court and gym. Price is available on request.

Buy a luxury home in coastal Bahia and you can live in peace and comfort in the company of nature. Many excellent homes are available and the prices have never been better. Use the services of a real estate agent and you will be able to find the right house and get the best deal.

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Four Must View Luxury Houses In Bahia

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