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Houses In Arraial d'Ajuda Your Own Personal Resort


Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaHouses In Arraial d'Ajuda Your Own Personal Resort

Bahia has always been a favorite destination for nature lovers due to its calm beaches and rich tropical flora and fauna. Houses in quiet peaceful coastal locations have always been in demand and Bahia has plenty to offer.

Located just a ferry ride away from Porto Seguro and enveloped in lush greenery the little town of Arraial d'Ajuda offers some splendid houses. Houses in Arraial d'Ajuda offer the charm of traditional village cottages while at the same time providing modern conveniences.

Arraial is well known as a favorite tourist haunt due to its nice village setting with winding roads and greenery which imparts a scent of tropical vegetation in the air. It is also known for its lovely beaches, some of which are busy with tourists and offer some splendid nightlife while there are others which are almost empty providing calm and peace.

Whichever way you look at it, Arraial d'Ajuda is one of the best resort towns on the Discovery Coast.

Real Estate In Arraial d'Ajuda

Real estate in Arraial has always been attractive because it offers the best of both worlds, the peace and quiet of a coastal village and the urban facilities of Porto Seguro. This has made Arraial d'Ajuda popular with holiday home seekers, especially the affluent class.

Houses in Arraial d'Ajuda are pleasantly traditional which matches the mood of the place. You will find that most houses are one or two floor structures with sloping tiled roofs. A lot of wood work, large inviting balconies, wooden staircases, hammocks, outdoor shower areas and simple flooring complete the ambience.

Though the houses are traditional, they don't lag behind when it comes to modern furniture and facilities. Houses are usually surrounded by nicely laid out gardens with cute pebble or stone tile paths. Plenty of vegetation and fruit trees make them pretty attractive.

The price of houses in Arraial d'Ajuda start from just below $100,000 and depending upon the size, location and facilities can go as high as $2,750,000. The average pricing is around $580,000. Let us take a look at what typical houses in various price ranges have to offer:

Houses For Less Than $200,000
House Arraial d'Ajuda

The most economical houses are traditional 2 bedroom cottages on plots of around 400 sq. meters. Some houses offer one bedroom. Some offer a guest house in addition to the main house. If you are looking for more facilities you can get houses in condos with swimming pool, open parking spaces and barbecue areas in locations not far from the town.

The $200,000 To $350,000 Range

Houses in this range are typically built on plots of about 700 sq. meters. This kind of house will cost roughly $225,000. For $250,000 you can expect fully furnished 4 bedroom houses with premium construction and 2 bedrooms in condos. For prices near $275,000 you will get similar houses in locations close to the town or the beach and with slightly better facilities like pool and sauna.

Houses Priced Between $350,000 And $450,000
Arraial d'Ajuda House

Houses in this range are either beachfront, sea facing, located close to the town or some premium area. These are usually in condos with all facilities or in large plots in excess of 2500 sq. meters with landscaped gardens and covered parking. Depending upon the overall package you may get 3 or 4 bedroom houses with up to 4 bedrooms.

The $400,000 To $600,000 Range

You can expect houses in large plots over 2000 sq. meters with 4 bedrooms in premium locations close to the beach. Expect well laid out gardens with landscaping and swimming pool. You may also get attractive packages with more than one house with multiple bedrooms, swimming pool and attractive gardens in large plots.

Houses And Condos In The $600,000 To $900,000 Range

In this range you can expect to find excellent houses or condos well suited for commercial or residential purposes. Usually these come as a condo with a set of houses and apartments fully furnished and with all facilities making them very suitable for converting into resorts. They can also be good bargains for a set of buyers for their own use. They are usually located near the beach or are sea facing and are perfect for targeting the tourist market.

Luxury Houses Above $1,000,000
Arraial d'Ajuda House 2

At this price you will get the best houses in Arraial d'Ajuda. These are obviously the top end houses with the best gardens and facilities.

They are usually built on large plots in the most highly priced areas with the best quality construction and luxury facilities. You can expect multiple houses, guest houses, maid services, private restaurants or private bar facilities.

Houses in Arraial d'Ajuda are as charming as the place itself. If you are looking for a dream holiday home or buying a house for commercial purposes targeting the tourism industry, not many places can beat Arraial.

If you are considering real estate in Arraial d'Ajuda, check out the houses on offer here and you are sure to be captivated by some of them. You can get in touch with us for many more such options or for finding the house that perfectly matches your needs.

View real estate in Arraial d'Ajuda now.Click here to view real estate within Arraial d'Ajuda

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