Ilheus Attractions And Property Opportunities


Ilhéus, Ilhéus - Brasil, BahiaIlheus Attractions And Property Opportunities

Ilheus is a major city located in the southern coastal region of Bahia, Brazil, 430 km south of Salvador, the state's capital. The city was originally founded in 1534 as Vila de São Jorge dos Ilheus and is known as one of the most important tourism centres of the North East of Brazil.

The city's economy is based mainly on tourism, as a result of its beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage that includes early Portuguese buildings, history and culinary distinctions. All of which together attract many Brazilian and foreign tourists. Ilheus has approximately 222,000 inhabitants, it covers an area of 1850 km sq and its downtown is located just 1km from the Atlantic Ocean. Once one of the biggest exporters of cocoa beans, the city now depends almost entirely on tourism.

Ilheus is easily reachable by air with multiple flights arriving daily from both Salvador and São Paulo.

The Port of Ilheus is the second biggest one in open sea, and serves mainly to trade agricultural products like cocoa. It also has a passenger terminal and cruise liners regularly dock here in the summer.
Aerial View Ilheus Bahia

A Relaxed Get Away

Although considered a major city in southern Bahia, the city of Ilheus is a wonderful location for visitors who want to spend time in a famous Brazilian city, but who enjoy a more relaxed and casual atmosphere than the either Salvador or Sao Paulo can offer.

The beaches in Ilheus (Do Norte, Sao Miguel, Da Avenida, Do Cristo etc.) are graced with calm waters, white pristine sands and borders of coconut trees, both cultivated and wild groves. The Do Norte beach is a perfect spot for visitors looking to fish, swim or surf, one of the few surfing areas here as the ocean is too calm in most other areas.

Some of the more laid back beaches are the Acuípe, a beach that mixes sandbank vegetation with coconut fields, while the Canabrava beach has many rental cottages along a landscape that includes some incredible coral reefs.

While most tourists are visiting 'Itacare' for its beautiful beaches there's a little known private beach called: 'Itacarezinho' (little Itacare). A great place to eat, relax and get in touch with nature as few tourists have discovered this hidden gem.
Ilheus Bahia

Further Expansion And Property Opportunities

With a long history and an excellent infrastructure, Ilheus is an important and strategic tourist centre for North East Brazil. Sandwiched between beaches, hills and a small harbour at the mouth of the Rio Cachoeira, it makes an ideal setting to explore the regions beaches.

Less adventurous visitors need look no further than the edge of the City for the beaches of golden sand which are developing rapidly.

Further development of the City is set to continue, including an airport upgrade and a new port. This is bound to increase demand for property and boost prices. Ilheus offers apartments from $80,000 and some luxury houses of $350,000 and upwards. If you'd prefer to develop your own property then some prime beach front land is still available from as little as $100,000.

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Ilheus Attractions And Property Opportunities

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