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Land For Sale In Bahia An Overview


Land For Sale In Bahia An Overview

Brazil has always been a favorite real estate investment location for land seekers and there is no scarcity of land for sale in Bahia. There are many reasons why demand for land here is growing rapidly. An economy growing by leaps and bounds, cheap land prices, low construction costs, a stable democratic political system and property laws that make land ownership secure are a few of them.

Land in an area like Bahia with resort like settings and plenty of natural beauty which drives a flourishing tourism industry is also sought after as a holiday home by many people from both within and outside Brazil.

In Bahia there are no special restrictions on foreigners buying or holding land. There are some restrictions due to environment protection reasons in some areas. People looking to purchase land in Bahia would do well to take the assistance of experienced and reliable real estate agents. There are numerous plots of land for sale and finding the best property can be a challenge in itself.

Reason To Purchase Land
Bahia Beach

Other than for purposes of house construction, investment and exploitation for tourism purposes, Bahia also presents excellent land for farmhouses or the cultivation of commercial crops. The adequate rainfall and tropical weather conditions of Bahia are perfect for agricultural purposes.

South Bahia with its fertile soil is an excellent place for cocoa cultivation. Besides cocoa, land here is ideal for growing exotic fruits and the vegetation required for the production of biodiesel.

Location is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the purchase of land. Location decides what the land can be used for, what are its commercial prospects and what is it's potential resale value. Buying cheap land where nobody wants it could prove to be a bad investment if capital appreciation or commercial exploitation is the aim of the purchase.

This is where the services of an expert real estate agent becomes very important. A knowledgeable agent can guide prospective investors in selecting the best land and also guide them with the development and resale of the property at a later stage.

What Land Is On Offer In Bahia

There are numerous plots of land for sale that cover all the main regions of Bahia.There are plots of beach front land with a sea view. Land plots further inland with some of them having a river or lake view. You can find plots of land which are in condos with security or with some sort of planning and other plots already come with a house and some of them even have 2 houses.Large farmland plots are available as is land suitable for resorts or five star hotels if you're looking to get commercial.

The prices vary depending upon the size and location of the real estate.

All Saints Bay Regions

Itaparica offers a few land plots both beachfront and inland at an average price of around $395,000.

Chapada Diamantina

This area provides some excellent inland plots some of them very suitable for cultivation and some with river view at an average price of $435,000.

Cacau Coast
Land Cacau Coast

This region of Bahia provides multiple beachfront plots the majority of them with an excellent sea view and a river view as well. A number of them come wiith planning permission and a few come with houses.

The beachfront properties are mainly near Canavieiras and Ilhéus while Itacare provides some nice properties which are inland but have an excellent sea view. Other locations are Comandatuba and Olivença. The average price in this region is $385,000.

Coconut Coast

With even more beachfront and sea view plots than the Cacau, Coconut Coast offers a lot of choice for people looking to purchase land on the coast. There a multitude of properties that are in planned condos and there is land with one or more houses. Farmland is also available and even more options are available a little inland but not far from the sea.

Most of the beachfront and sea view plots are in Imbassai, Itacimirim and Praia do Forte. Imbassai also offers quite a few inland plots not far from the sea. Other locations are Arembepe, Arua, Bar Itariri, Bar Jacuipe, Conde, Costa Azul, Diogo, Guarajuba, Interlagos, Porto de Sauipe, Santo Antonio and Shoals. The average price is about $700,000.

Discovery Coast
Land Arraial d'Ajuda

This is another good region to look for beachfront and seafront plots. There are also numerous plots with a view of the river. There are inland plots not far from the sea, again some plots have at least one house on them and again there is farmland on offer.

Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro and Trancoso are the places offering the most beachfront and sea facing plots in the region. You will also find several inland plots not too far from the sea as well as several plots within the town of Trancoso.

Quite a few of these have houses on them already. The other locations are Belmonte, Caraíva, Coroa Vermelha, Corumbau, Praia do Espelho and Santa Cruz Cabrália. The average price is $650,000.

Lauro de Freitas Regions

This region provides several plots in well planned condos not far from the sea. Beachfront plots are available in Busca Vida. Average price will be about $377,000.

Dende Coast

This is another excellent place to search for land next to the beach or close to the sea. It offers beachfront and sea view plots, some also have a river view as well. Morro de Sao Paulo, Boipeba and Peninsula de Maraú offer the best beach and seaside locations. Other locations are Barra Grande and Gamboa de Morro. The average price is $1,455,000.

Salvador Area

As a city land in Salvador is at a premium so plots are very limited. However you can get beach-front land occasionally. The average price will be close to $565,000.

Whale Coast
Land Whale Coast

This region offers quite a few beachfront as well as sea view plots in Abrolhos, Caravelas and Cumuruxatiba. You will also find a few farmland plots on offer. The average price of a plot here is $1,710,000

Getting Help Choosing Land

As mentioned earlier, the above is only a rough guide to the land available for sale in Bahia, but it should give you a good idea of the exciting possibilities of buying land in the region.

It's always advisable to take help from a good real estate agent that knows the area and is able to find the right land suitable for you and your lands prospective purpose and to ensure that the purchase process is trouble free and smooth.

View all land for sale in Bahia here.

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Land For Sale In Bahia An Overview

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