Luxury Houses In Busca Vida - Among The Best Luxury Real Estate In Bahia


Busca Vida, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaLuxury Houses In Busca Vida - Among The Best Luxury Real Estate In Bahia

Among the towns and villages around Salvador, Busca Vida has the perfect settings for luxury homes. It is less than half an hour's drive from the Salvador international airport and close to the attractions and nature conservation projects of Praia do Forte. With a large peaceful beach that is almost dedicated to its condominiums, you have the right locality for a top class luxury home.

The sea here is open and the high waves provide the ideal conditions for water sports and surfing. Luxury real estate in Busca Vida gives you the opportunity to own an enviable home in an upmarket, highly sought after location. In this article, we take a look at the type of houses that you can expect in this place.

Four-bedroom House In Busca Vida
Busca Vida House

The house, located in a luxury condo, has marble flooring in the living room and ceramic flooring in the bedrooms. It has 800 sq. meters of constructed area and is built on a plot of 1500 sq. meters. Although not one of the most expensive houses in the area, it is spacious and has the features that put it in the luxury real estate bracket.

The house has a living room, kitchen, dining room, party area and four well-designed bedroom suites. It has a party area and a home theater. There is a laundry room and rooms to accommodate household employees.

The garage can accommodate two vehicles. There is a large swimming pool with deck, a poolside bar and a service area. The house is within a gated community with restricted access, round the clock security and a guardhouse.

Four-bedroom House On The Seashore

Busca Vida House 2
Take a look at the specifications of this beautiful home located in a gated condo just 200 meters away from the sea. The property is built on a twin plot of 710 sq. meters, so that is 1420 sq. meters of land in this prime locality. The total floor area is 730 sq. meters.

Apart from four spacious bedroom suites, you have a living room, kitchen with a pantry and a pizza oven, a dining room and a guest room. All rooms are fitted with cabinets. There is a pub with a bar and a cellar with wine racks that can store 2000 bottles. Within the house, there are rooms to accommodate three employees and a separate kitchen for their use. There is a laundry room and the house has a home theater installed.

The garage can accommodate three vehicles and in addition, there are six open parking spaces for visitors. The house has a large well-designed swimming pool, a lap pool, sauna, jacuzzi, a fitness room, a barbecue facility and a tennis court. The condominium provides round the clock security.

Large House With Premium Architecture And Interior Design

Busca Vida House 3
This house, located near the Busca Vida Resort, is just about 100 meters away from the sea. In terms of price and features, it is among the top quality houses in the locality. The house is located in a luxury resort complex that includes a hotel, restaurant and recreational facilities.

The building is designed by renowned architect Ivan Smarcevski and the interiors are designed by David Bastos. The premium architecture makes liberal use of glass and wood. The house was completed in 2001.

The floor area of the house is 700 sq. meters and it stands on a plot of 1340 sq. meters. There are four suites and the master suite has two bathrooms, two closets, and a very large balcony. It has a large living room, an office, a dining room, a large balcony, spacious kitchen, store room, living space for employees and a laundry room.

Outside, there is a well-designed garden and a garage that can accommodate three cars. For recreation, there is a large swimming pool with a poolside bar, an outdoor shower and a gym. The complex has round the clock security.

Large Luxury Home With Six Bedrooms

Busca Vida House 4
This comfortable four floor home offers the quality that is perfect for high class living. Price wise it will rank among the expensive properties in the area, but that is a bargain if you look at the features that it offers.

The house has a total floor space of 1200 sq. meters and the plot is 6600 sq. meters in area. There are six spacious suites, a living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry, service area and large balconies. The house comes with fitted cabinets, silverware and a home theater. There is a linen closet and a small workshop.

Around the house there is a large green area with palm trees and a landscaped garden. Opposite the entrance, there is a deck in the middle of an artificial lagoon which can be accessed by a wooden bridge. The garage can accommodate seven cars. A storage shed and a kennel is also provided. Separate accommodation is available for employees, which includes two bedrooms, a store room and bathroom.

The house has excellent recreational facilities. There is a game room, sauna, health club, barbecue facility and a professional tennis court with lighting. Next to the court, there is a bathroom and an outdoor shower. The swimming pool is fish shaped and has a deck, special lighting and an outdoor shower.

To ensure uninterrupted fresh water supply, there are two wells and a pump house. The automated irrigation system with a rain sensor ensures that the garden is optimally irrigated. The house is secured by an electric fence, security system with burglar alarms and nine strategically placed cameras for surveillance. There is a guard house, which has a clear view of the entire property.

Luxury Home With Modern Construction And Glass Facade

This house is distinct from other houses in that it makes extensive use of steel and tempered glass in its construction. The special design will be delight to people who like modern structures and want plenty of natural light inside their homes. The house, which was renovated in 2008, has great finish and everything about it including the lighting is thoughtfully designed to make it attractive during the day or night.

The premium plot of 2141sq. meters on which the house stands is just five minutes from the beach and next to the protected forest area of the condominium. The total constructed area is 400sq. meters. It has four suites, three upstairs and one on the ground floor. Apart from a large terrace, there are other large balconies with nice views of the surrounding garden and green area.

There are two rooms on the ground floor, one of which serves as a party kitchen and the other as a party area that opens out to the pool area. The house comes with fitted cabinets. It has a laundry room and rooms to accommodate employees.

The property has a separate building with rooms and kitchen for employees. The large landscaped garden has lawns and ample space for visitor parking in addition to a garage. It has a large pool with a wooden deck and pool lighting. 

The condominium provides round the clock security. For recreation it has tennis courts, gym, soccer field, bike tracks, swimming pools, restaurant and sauna. A kilometer of private beach is available for the exclusive use of the members.

We just gave you a few examples of high-end luxury houses in Busca Vida. If you are looking for a peaceful luxury beachfront house in Bahia, you will find some great options in this locality. Luxury houses in Busca Vida don't come cheap, but the prices are justified as it is a premium and highly sought after location.
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Luxury Houses In Busca Vida - Among The Best Luxury Real Estate In Bahia

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