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Now Is A Good Time to Buy Praia do Forte Real Estate


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaNow Is A Good Time to Buy Praia do Forte Real Estate

Everyone wants to buy real estate when it is cheap. This is true irrespective of the purpose for which one is buying. Few people have the ability to spot the right opportunities and get in with perfect timing. When an investment becomes very obvious to everyone it is already too late.

A developing area with huge tourism or commercial possibilities is the place where smart people look to invest. If you are looking for a property in Bahia, Praia do Forte real estate has everything going in its favour.

Praia do Forte, The Calm Fishing Town With Great Real Estate Potential

Bahia located on the northeast coast of Brazil is one of its largest states. The climate is tropical with the temperature hovering close to a comfortable 27°C, the coastal towns are tourist havens. Most of the population of the state lives in the coastal areas.

Praia do Forte is traditionally a fishing town about 50 miles from Salvador which is the capital city. This proximity makes it easily accessible by air. It is a very popular tourist destination. Though it is a fishing town you will not find any signs of fishing other than the fishing boats moored near the beaches.
Praia do Forte Beach

The beaches are peaceful but active all round the year. Overall it is a great resort town, the ideal place for a peaceful getaway. The potential for tourism is immense and is not yet fully tapped. This makes Praia do Forte an ideal place to buy a home or invest in real estate. Praia do Forte real estate is getting noticed and is going fast. Those who sit on the fence are likely to miss the bus.

Bahia, A Wealth Of History And Culture

The old city of Salvador, the lower town is a UNESCO world heritage site. The historical significance comes from its importance during the colonial days as a main port. It was one of the most significant colonial centers in South America. During the period from 1549 to 1763, it was the capital of Brazil.

Till a few years back, before tourism and real estate Praia do Forte took a giant leap, it was a traditional fishing village. Praia do Forte shares the cultural wealth of the rest of Bahia. The world famous Tamar project gives a taste of the rich natural history of the place.
Praia do Forte Church

The government has taken note of the importance of the place and made sure that development does not mean an end to the traditional charm that the place offers. Sale of the traditional stone houses and the historical church is not allowed. They can only be inherited by others within the families which own them.

Local Attractions And Activities

 • Projeto Tamar is one of the main attractions of Praia do Forte. It is a turtle sanctuary aimed at saving the huge sea turtle population along the Brazilian coastline and Praia do Forte is one of its 22 bases. You will be able to see different varieties of turtles and other fishes in pools.

 • There are nice boutiques for shopping.

 • The beach is excellent for swimming and lazing around. All types of water sports facilities are available.

 • Sapiranga Ecological Reserve is situated nearby. It is more like a botanical garden with many interesting plants and birds.

 •Horse riding, bicycle trails, surfing and paragliding facilities will keep the active people happy.

 Real Estate Opportunities
Praia do Forte View

Praia do Forte is already on the real estate map but there are still many untapped areas. All sorts of properties ranging from condos and villas to commercial real estate like restaurants and hotels are available. Properties are going fast due to the attractiveness of Praia do Forte real estate to all types of people.

People looking for a holiday home, people looking to invest for capital growth and people wanting to invest for renting or other commercial purposes will find good options. Let us take a look at what's on offer based on current listings at a popular real estate website.

Apartments are available from $106,360 to $703,438. The average price will be around $310,679.

Houses are available from $478,338 to $1,041,088. The average price works out to around $754,085.

Praia do Forte real estate boom can be attributed to its peace and tranquility and great tourism potential. The steady growth of the Brazilian economy and the state of Bahia in general has turbo charged this growth. If you are interested in Praia do Forte real estate, the time is ripe now for action. Act quickly before it is too late.

View real estate in Praia do Forte now.Click here to view real estate within Praia do Forte

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Now Is A Good Time to Buy Praia do Forte Real Estate

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