Praia do Forte Real Estate At A Glance


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaPraia do Forte Real Estate At A Glance

Praia do Forte is known for its great natural beauty, rustic charm and famous tourist attractions. The nice beaches, peaceful atmosphere, tourism potential and proximity to Salvador makes the real estate here very attractive and to some extent expensive when compared to other similar places in Bahia.

The real estate market here is well developed and has some quality apartments, houses and large plots of land on offer. Here is an overview of what you can expect in Praia do Forte and what it is likely to cost you.


There are many types of apartments in Praia do Forte. Most of these apartments are located in well-developed condominiums at attractive locations and provide a variety of amenities. The price can range from R$ 265,000 to R$ 1,249,000. The average apartment will cost you about R$ 620,150.
Praia Do Forte Apartment

With a budget of up to R$ 380,000, you can get apartments not too far from the village or beach with areas from 28 to 75 sq. meters. These are usually single bedroom units with service area and basic common facilities like pool, parking and security. You may also get a gym in some condos.

The R$ 380,000 to R$ 420,000 range again offers mostly one bedroom apartments of about 75 sq. meters area. The buildings are newer when compared to the lower price range and construction quality is usually better. Often you will find attractive beach-front locations and sometimes in this range you can get apartments in resort complexes. Facilities like a pool, garden, parking, security, gym, sauna and games room can be expected. Some apartments are furnished.

The R$ 420,000 to R$ 500,000 range offers duplex apartments of 60 to 200 sq. meters. The sizes of the apartments can vary quite a bit in this range and you can expect one to three bedrooms with suites. Common facilities could include party areas and sports courts in addition to the previously mentioned facilities.

Apartments in new buildings with premium construction in beach-front condos or very nice locations within the town cost between R$ 500,000 to R$ 700,000. These are mostly two bedroom apartments with one or two suites, though it is also possible to find some with up to four bedrooms. The area can range from 70 to 120 sq. meters.

A fancy swimming pool, often separate pools for adults and children, parking facility for multiple cars, landscaped garden, bar, reception, and laundry facilities can be expected as part of the common facilities.

The R$ 700,000 to R$ 950,000 price range will offer you some very spacious apartments in prime beach-front locations, some within the town. These are 70 to 200 sq. meter apartments with two to three suites and all facilities.

The best apartments in Praia do Forte will cost you upwards of R$ 950,000. These are luxury two to three suite apartments with area above 100 sq. meters in upmarket condos with a wide range of facilities.

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Praia do Forte offers houses ranging from modest offerings on small independent plots to large luxurious houses in resort complexes and prime locations. Houses start from about R$ 570,000 and can be as expensive as R$ 6,003,000 at an average price of R$ 1,815,000.
Praia Do Forte House

Houses below R$ 1,000,000 come with areas of about 70 to 200 sq. meters of construction on plots of up to 400 sq. meters with three bedrooms and perhaps a small garden.

A price between R$ 1,000,000 to R$ 1,500,000 is what you can expect to pay for houses in relatively better locations, sometimes in gated communities and having three or four bedrooms and multiple suites. Some of these come fully furnished and other amenities like a pool, covered parking, garden and water storage facilities can also be expected.

A budget from R$ 1,500,000 and up to R$ 2,000,000 will fetch you luxury homes in nice condos in lovely beach-front or other premium locations. These are larger four bedroom multiple suite houses with 250 to 425 sq. meters of construction on plots ranging from 350 to 1000 sq. meters. In this range it is possible to find houses in hotel complexes with all resort facilities. In addition to facilities in the lower ranges, children's play area, maid quarters, etc, may be available.

The most expensive range of houses in Praia do Forte with prices above R$ 2,000,000 come on huge plots of 1000 to 2000 sq. meters. These are very large houses with five to six suites and 400 to 900 sq. meters of constructed area. In addition to all previously mentioned facilities, you can expect an office and fancy features like a massage room.

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Land in Praia do Forte comes in a wide price range from as low as R$ 300,000 to some costing as much as R$ 26,000,000. Leaving out extremely priced offerings, the average plot of land could cost you as much as R$ 2,640,000.
Praia Do Forte Land

At a price below R$ 2,000,000, you will get plots of 540 to 1000 sq. meters of land suitable for construction of a house or a small condo. Some plots are fully developed and in gated communities and a majority of the plots are beach-front real estate or located close to both the beach and the village.

Though some small plots of up to 1000 sq. meters in highly sought after locations with many advantages could be priced in the region of R$ 2,000,000, this price range is usually reserved for larger tracts of land from 10 to 50 hectares. These are meant for construction of large condos or for resorts. Some of them come with the required clearances for development.

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Commercial Real Estate In Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte being a tourism intensive area has a high potential for commercial outlets such as restaurants, shops and stores. Commercial spaces are available for purchase and you can use these for starting a new business or rent them out to others.

The average price of commercial real estate that is currently available is about R$ 305,000 and the price range is between R$ 150,000 to R$ 520,000 depending upon the location, size and suitability for different types of outlets. There are commercial spaces from 25 to 50 sq. meters which can be used to set up stores or other similar outlets.

Other Types Of Real Estate In Praia do Forte

Besides apartments, houses, land and commercial spaces, it is also possible to purchase farmhouses and hotels. For farmhouses, prices depend upon the location, the state of development, the size of the plot and quality of construction. The price of hotels depends upon its location, size and condition.

Praia do Forte with its beaches lined by coconut trees, village charm and its famous ecological reserves is attractive for anybody wanting to visit or live here. Investors also find real estate here very attractive due to its potential for capital appreciation and generating rental income. Praia do Forte real estate is priced slightly on the higher side, but is attractive to all types of buyers.

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Praia do Forte Real Estate At A Glance

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