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Real Estate In Horto Florestal, Salvador An Overview


Real Estate In Horto Florestal, Salvador An Overview

Horto Florestal is perhaps one of the most desirable addresses in Salvador. Some of the best luxury condominiums are situated here. It is a great place to live, a privileged upscale neighborhood surrounded on all sides by lush greenery. If you are looking to move into a better neighborhood in Salvador or want to buy a new home in the city, then real estate in Horto Florestal should be on top of the list when you begin your home search.

Real Estate In Horto Florestal - Overview

Horto Florestal Real Estate
Though originally the neighborhood was only occupied by the rich with their large mansions, the neighborhood is currently experiencing a real estate boom and a number of upscale condos are coming up in this area. Many of the houses and buildings are located on its main streets.

Price of apartments starts from about R$160,000 for a basic one-bedroom apartment and can go up to as much as R$4,500,000 for a luxury apartment in a resort style condominium. An average apartment with three bedrooms should cost about R$1,000,000. Houses are also available in the price range between R$1,750,000 and R$2,000,000.

View real estate for sale in Horto Florestal.

Apartments Below R$500,000

These apartments are part of condos conveniently located near major shopping malls and with easy access to the city center. In some apartments you may also get a sea view.

Size: The built-up area varies from 40 to 120 sq. meters. You will get one-bedroom apartments at lower prices, but most apartments in this range are two-bedroom apartments with one suite.


• Swimming pool (in some condos).
• Parking for one or two vehicles.
• Playground (in some condos).

You may also get some of the following features:

• Maid's quarters.
• Kitchen and bedroom cabinets.
• Sports courts.
• Concierge (round the clock).
• Ballroom.
• Sauna.
• Gym.
• Barbecue area. 

Apartments From R$500,000 To R$1,000,000

These apartments are located in premium areas close to major shopping malls and close to schools, shopping facilities and with easy access to the city center. You may also get premium quality construction like two apartments per floor, great architecture, decorated ceiling, etc.

Size: Most apartments in this range have three bedrooms and two suites. The built-up area will be between 90 and 160 sq. meters.


• Premium swimming pool.
• Separate pool for kids (in some condos).
• Parking for two to three vehicles.
• Playground (in some condos).

Many features from the following list will also be available:

• Central water heater.
• Generator backup. 
• Cable TV and internet connection.
• Party space within the apartment.
• Common party hall.
• Barbecue.
• Ballroom.
• Gym.
• Sauna. 
• Assembly room.
• Visitor parking.
• Lounge.
• Maid's quarters.
• Sports courts.
• Games room.
• Kids play area.

Apartments Priced Above R$1,000,000

Horto Florestal Apartment
These are the most premium apartments in the locality and you can expect the very best locations in the area. They are usually located in areas overlooking the sea and with easy access to major shopping malls. They also come with many premium leisure facilities.

Size: You can expect built-up area from 170 to 800 sq. meters depending on the price. You will get four to five suites in most cases.


• Premium swimming pool. 
• Separate pool for kids. 
• Well-designed Garden (in some condos).
• Parking for multiple vehicles. 
• Playground.

You will find some of the following features: 

• Visitor parking.
• Party space.
• Maid's quarters.
• Play area for kids.
• Ballroom.
• Games room.
• Gym.
• Massage room.
• Sauna.
• Assembly room.
• Sports courts.
• Terrace with pool and garden.
• Whirlpool.
• Health club.

If you have a budget above R$4,000,000, you can look for apartments in resort style condos with the very best leisure facilities and services similar to what is provided in luxury resorts.

View apartments for sale in Horto Florestal.

Houses In Horto Florestal

Horto Florestal House
You will get four to five-bedroom houses in the R$1,750,000 to R$2,000,000 price range. These houses are located in prime areas close to shopping malls and with easy access to the city center. You will find both standalone houses and others that are part of condos.

Houses in this range usually come with a built-up area of over 500 sq. meters. You can expect single or multi-floor construction in plots of about 500 sq. meters or more.

The following facilities are usually available:

• Large swimming pool. 
• Garage that can accommodate multiple vehicles.
• Employee quarters.
• Service area.

View houses for sale in Horto Florestal.

If you are looking for a high-end house or apartment in a very convenient and upmarket area, then the real estate in Horto Florestal will provide some interesting options. There are many high quality apartments available here and all of them are part of well-designed condos. If you have the right budget, you can buy a luxury apartment or a very spacious house here that you will be proud of. 

View real estate in Horto Florestal.
Real Estate In Horto Florestal, Salvador An Overview

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