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Real Estate In Salvador - Caminho das Arvores


Real Estate In Salvador - Caminho das Arvores

If you are looking for residential or commercial real estate in an upscale neighborhood of Salvador, then Caminho das Arvores is a locality that you should look at. The area, which is close to the Salvador Mall has some wonderful restaurants serving Bahian food, nightclubs, theaters and cinemas.

It is also close to the carnival circuit and near pleasant beaches. The area also has a number of businesses and outlets that target the affluent population living there. Real estate in Caminho das Arvores is in high demand and is bound to increase in value over time.

Real Estate Overview

Caminho das Arvores Real Estate
In Caminho das Arvores you will be able to find both residential and commercial real estate. You can get apartments from R$240,000, though apartments with price tags as high as R$870,000 are also available. An average apartment should cost about R$473,000. Houses will cost around R$1600,000.

Commercial spaces are available for purchase for an average price of about R$280,000. The range starts from R$195,000 and goes up to R$280,000. Commercial complexes are also available and the cost should be about R$5,000,000 for around 400 sq. meters of floor space.

View real estate for sale in Caminho das Arvores.

Apartments Below R$300,000

Being a neighborhood with all conveniences, most homes in Caminho das Arvores are situated near everyday necessities. Irrespective of which range you opt for, you will find that you are close to malls, schools and supermarkets.

● Size: The lowest price range consists of compact single bedroom apartments. A reserved parking spot is usually available. Apartments may come fully furnished, though that depends on the overall package and the price.

● Facilities: You can expect common facilities like a playground, garden or green area.

● Features: Round the clock security is usually available. A central gas connection may also be offered.

Apartments Between R$300,000 And R$500,000

The next higher range consists of larger apartments with more facilities. Again, these are located close to everyday requirements like schools, colleges and pharmacies.

● Size: You can expect a built-up area of 70 to 120 sq. meters. You will get two to three bedrooms with at least one suite. Some apartments come furnished or have fitted cabinets in the kitchen and bedrooms. Parking space for up to two vehicles is usually provided.

● Facilities: A large swimming pool is provided in most condos. Some also offer a playground or sports court.

● Features: The facilities provided by the condos vary, for example, ballroom, game room, sauna, gym, East facing, academia, maids living area, kiosk, barbecue, piped gas, assembly room, party area, nightclub and concierge. You will get some of these features in every condominium.

Apartments Between R$500,000 And R$700,000

Caminho das Arvores Apartment
This range consists of spacious apartments with premium layout and construction quality in nice locations within the neighborhood.

● Size: The built-up area in this range will be between 140 and 170 sq. meters. You will get four bedrooms with one or two suites. You can expect a more comfortable layout like only two apartments in one floor. Reserved parking for multiple vehicles is usually available. 

● Facilities: A large pool, well-designed garden, playground and sports courts will usually be available.

● Features: You will get more features from the list discussed in the previous range.

High-end Apartments In Caminho das Arvores 

These are mostly luxury apartments in premium condos in the very best green areas of the neighborhood. You will have all the necessary facilities including malls, banks, and schools close by.

● Size: In this range, the size of apartments can vary quite a bit depending upon the facilities that they offer. Apartments with built-up area from 90 to 300 sq. meters are available. Depending upon the size, you can expect up to three bedrooms. Parking for up to three vehicles is provided. The construction quality and maintenance will be top-notch.

● Facilities: A large premium swimming pool, separate pool for adults and children, whirlpool, landscaped garden, jogging track and playground are some of the facilities that you can expect.

● Features: Some condos may even have a restaurant within the complex. You can also expect a fitness center, cinema hall, spa, sauna, massage rooms, maids living area, gym, assembly room and party hall.

View apartments for sale in Caminho das Arvores.


Caminho das Arvores House
Houses in Caminho das Arvores are located in prime areas within the neighborhood in gated communities. You can expect premium architecture and construction quality.

● Size: You will get about 650 sq. meters of construction on plots of about 400 sq. meters. You can expect up to six bedrooms and two to three suites. Parking for three to four vehicles is usually available. You may in addition get a maid room or employee quarters. Some houses may have an additional outhouse.

● Facilities: Most of the houses come with a premium swimming pool and a well-designed garden or lawns.

● Features: Other features include East facing, barbecue area, pantry, laundry, locker, maids living area, service area, sauna, library, water storage tanks, electric garage doors and kennels.

View houses for sale in Caminho das Arvores.

Commercial Real Estate

Caminho das Arvores Commercial
Commercial spaces suitable for offices or small outlets are available in excellent commercial buildings. The floor area varies between 30 and 50 sq. meters.

You can expect facilities like visitor parking, Wi-Fi internet, security and security cameras, meeting halls, generator backup, maintenance and cleaning services, courier services, laundry service, etc. Coffee shops and restaurants are available within or near the building. 

In addition to the above, you may also find small shopping centers with total floor area of about 400 sq. meters. They are located in suitable commercial localities with easy access to public transport. Price depends on size, location and facilities, but you can expect to pay about R$5,000,000.

View commercial real estate in Caminho das Arvores.

Real estate in Caminho das Arvores will be attractive to those who want to buy or invest in an affluent neighborhood of Salvador. The area has some excellent homes and commercial real estate with high potential. 

View real estate in Caminho das Arvores.
Real Estate In Salvador - Caminho das Arvores

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