Real Estate Investment In Coastal Bahia


Real Estate Investment In Coastal Bahia

Real estate investments in tourist-intensive coastal regions usually pay rich dividends as long as you give them sufficient time. If you are lucky to get in at a low price, the gains will be even more attractive. With an area larger than France, over 650 miles of scenic coastline, tropical vegetation, warm climate and plenty of ecological and cultural diversity, Bahia is one of the best coastal areas for real estate investment.

The Football World Cup of 2014 and the upcoming Olympics in 2016 has resulted in large-scale investments into infrastructure and a surge in tourism. With the economy slowing down and the real estate market in a consolidation, real estate prices and availability have never been better in Bahia. For anyone who wants to invest in a high-potential coastal region, Bahia currently presents a rare opportunity. Let's quickly go through some of the best places to buy real estate in the region.

Bahia Coast

If you are looking for a home or commercial investment in a metro region, then the capital city of Salvador and the nearby areas like Lauro de Freitas provide many options. Alphaville, Pituba, Costa Azul, Stella Marris, Horto Florestal, Graca, Barra, Ondina and Itaigara are some popular localities within the city. You will get many types of apartments and houses in a wide price range in these places. Like most developing countries, there is a constant migration of the younger population into the cities. You can easily generate income by renting your home or apartment.

Salvador Apartment

Busca Vida & Vilas do Atlantico

These are upmarket locations close to Salvador with great rental potential. You can easily find large houses next to the beach with very good design and construction quality. If you want to do your own construction, you should be able to find good lots in well-developed condos.

Costa do Sauipe

If a home in an upmarket resort is what you are looking for, then Costa do Sauipe is the place for you. This area is well planned and has well-developed infrastructure. It is home to several luxury hotels and is also the venue for national and international sporting events. Besides good rental potential, any investment here is likely to appreciate over time.

Morro de Sao Paulo

This is another resort town on an island that is accessible only by air or by boat. This is a tourist intensive town and is the perfect location for you if you are looking for commercial real estate like restaurants and hotels. Although apartments are available, houses dominate the home sector. You will also get vacant lots and farms.


Interlagos is about 40 km from Salvador and is located on the bank of a lake. The real estate is dominated by houses in well-developed condos. You will also get vacant lots in good condos.

Praia do Forte

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, Praia do Forte has always been the real estate hot spot of the Coconut Coast. You can find very good apartments and houses with up to seven bedrooms here. Lots in luxury condos and commercial options like shops and hotels are also available. It is one of the best places for both rental income and capital appreciation.


Imbassai is a charming and quiet village situated on a riverbank. It is close to Praia do Forte and has similar tourism potential. This is a carefully planned town with almost all the advantages of Praia do Forte, but real estate here is more affordable. You can invest in apartments, houses, vacant lots, undeveloped land and hotels.


This town is about 5 km from Praia do Forte. Unlike the later, it is a relatively quiet place with almost deserted beaches and is a good choice for people who wish to avoid the tourist crowds. It is also a good investment to generate rental income from tourists visiting Praia do Forte. Your will find good apartments, houses and undeveloped land near the beach. Commercial options such as hotels are also available.


Guarajuba is a peaceful village about 14 km from Praia do Forte. It is home to some well-developed condos. You have the option of both apartments and houses. You can also buy a lot and construct a new home. If you are looking for large commercial ventures, hotels and resorts here will interest you. You can also look for undeveloped land and farms.

Porto Seguro

The town of Porto Seguro is about 700 km to the South of Salvador on the Discovery Coast. The town and the nearby villages form the center of tourist attraction in this part of Bahia. Being a region of historical significance, the development here is carefully controlled. This is another good place to generate rental income from tourists. You will find many two-bedroom apartments in simple condos near the beach. Houses with up to four bedrooms are also available.

Arraial d'Ajuda

Arraial d'Ajuda is a tourist village close to Porto Seguro and is also a great place for real estate investment. The main attraction here is the village and the splendid beaches nearby. The houses are spacious and constructed on large lots. You will also find apartments near good beach-front locations or in the town center. Arraial is another great place to invest in shops, hotels and other commercial ventures. Undeveloped land is also an option.


Trancoso is near Arraial d'Ajuda and the houses here are on very large plots with lots of vegetation. Undeveloped land is also available. Trancoso is a good place for a holiday home away from the tourist crowds and a good place to buy for long-term value appreciation.


Ilheus is a coastal city about midway between Salvador and Porto Seguro. Like Porto Seguro, it also thrives on tourism and has its share of historical and cultural attractions. This is a city where a lot of development is anticipated and it is a good place to invest for long-term capital appreciation. You will also find that real estate here is relatively cheaper than other coastal cities. You will easily find spacious houses, large lots and undeveloped land for sale. Due to the demand from tourists, this is also a good place to buy hotels or invest in shops.

The real estate market in Bahia is huge and provides a variety of options that will match the needs of all types of investors. Although healthy corrections are possible, due to the absence of leverage and a strong local demand, the real estate market in Brazil is unlikely to crash. It is a more predictable real estate scenario where buyers and sellers are always available at the right price. Currently, speculators are exiting the market and that is good news for genuine homebuyers and investors because the pricing will be more realistic.

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Real Estate Investment In Coastal Bahia

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