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Salvador, A Fine Blend Of History, Nature And Modern Conveniences


Salvador, A Fine Blend Of History, Nature And Modern Conveniences

Salvador, the colonial capital of Brazil and the current capital of the Brazilian state of Bahia is a favorite tourist destination. It has all the conveniences and infrastructure that a modern city offers and an easygoing, friendly and fun loving population.

This combined with its many outdoor parties, events and nightlife has earned it the name of the Brazilian City of Happiness. People who are lucky to visit this fascinating city can be certain that a treat of historical attractions, delicious food, celebrations and beautiful beaches awaits them.

Salvador is located on the North Eastern coast of Brazil on the peninsula that separates the All Saints Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. A 100 meters high cliff along the shoreline divides the city into an upper area and a lower area.

The upper area called the Cidade Alta is where the old city is located and the city centre called Pelourinho is the place around which all the historical attractions can be found. The lower city is the modern town and a busy commercial center. 
Salvador Old Town

Getting In And Around Salvador

The international airport of Salvador is located around 19 miles from the city and is well connected to other cities in Brazil and the major hubs in the western world. Being a major tourist destination and port city, it is a stopover for a number of cruise ships. Bus services connect Salvador to the other towns of Brazil. Buses also ply to and from Paraguay.

The main language of Salvador is Portuguese, but English and Spanish are also equally popular with the local population. The local cuisine consists mainly of spicy seafood. The friendly people here are only too happy to mingle, dance and celebrate with the visitors.

Walking around is the best option when it comes to exploring the old city which has a network of cobblestone streets frequented by tourists. For the new city and trips to nearby places the options are bus, taxi and car rentals.

Bus travel is cheap while taxis are relatively expensive especially for long distances. Renting a car is also an option but driving here is a bit tricky and you may want to add a driver to the package. The best and safest way to travel to and fro between the new city and the old one is by using Elevador Lacerda, the cable car service.

Tropical Climate Of Salvador Keeps The Temperatures Moderate

Salvador has a tropical rainforest climate. The temperatures are usually between 20?C and 30?C, and air is humid. There is rain throughout the year. February is the driest month and the heaviest rainfall occurs during the months of April, May, June and July.

Places To See
Salvador, A History Enthusiast's Dream Come True

1. Igreja de São Francisco: This barroco style church will be among the most important of its kind in the world.

2. At the centre of the upper city are two large squares, the Praça da Sé and Terreiro de Jesus which are connected by a cathedral at the corner. There are stalls and food carts throughout the day.

3. Afro-Brazilian Museum: This is the place where many displays show why the culture of Bahia is so connected to that in Africa. The Museum is located on the Terreiro de Jesus.

4. Balé Focloricó: A treat for dance fans, Focloricó performers here demonstrate the fascinating local music and dance styles. The fire dance will surely impress anyone and should definitely not be missed.

5. Mercado Modelo: This market which is the main market of Salvador is a good place to pick up craft items. The square next to it often has capoeira, the local martial art dance performances. The market is situated in the lower town.

6. Igreja do Nosso Senhor do Bonfim: A 15 minute city bus ride will take you to Bonfim where this small church is located. It is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites around.

7. Abaeté Park: This is a protected park around the Abaeté Lake where the bright white sand dunes stand in contrast to the dark waters.

8. Solar do Unhão: People who want to enjoy the sunset should come here. It is an old house with a small museum inside which features art pieces of local origin.
Salvador Carnival

Activities And Nightlife

• Day tours are available to various places and within the city itself with guides who will show you and explain things of significance.

• The carnival is the biggest attraction of Salvador which is in the Guinness book of records for being the largest in the world. It is a one week event and very popular with the residents and the tourists alike.

• A beach visit is definitely on the cards if you are anywhere in Bahia, though Salvador has many other attractions besides beaches. The Porto de Barra is the most frequented although it can get rather crowded.

• Salvador has a legendary nightlife with plenty of little clubs and bars where you can enjoy hot food and music. There are also places with bowling bars, cinemas, etc.

• Shops here are a bargain hunter's dream come true. Be it souvenirs, art and craft items, clothes, everything is available and prices are usually negotiable.

Salvador Has Plenty Of Accommodation To Suit Every Budget

There is plenty of accommodation in Salvador for everyone. It probably has the best infrastructure in the region when it comes to options for places to stay. From budget and discount hotels to luxurious beach hotels where you can have all facilities and be cocooned in comfort, many options are available.
Salvador Beach

Dine At Arguably The Best Restaurants Of Brazil

Restaurants in Bahia are considered to be among the best in Brazil. You will find restaurants and eating outlets to match every taste and budget. South American food is the widely available cuisine, though many restaurants serve other types of food as well. Fast food chains and small cafes are always around for a quick bite.

Salvador is a place which every tourist to Brazil must visit. The place has a culture that is much richer than the rest of Brazil, places of historical significance and everything else that a visitor could hope for. The infrastructure, the people, the beaches, the restaurants, almost everything about this place will leave a lasting impression on the minds of its visitors.

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Salvador, A Fine Blend Of History, Nature And Modern Conveniences

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