Salvador Apartments What's Available


Salvador Apartments What's Available

It's no surprise that a Salvador apartment is the choice of many buyers who want to live or invest in this beautiful coastal city. It has everything that an investor could ask for, all the attractions of the big city, places of great natural beauty close by, historical monuments, a thriving tourist industry and world heritage site status.

The developing transport infrastructure, excellent connectivity with the rest of the world and an economy growing at a brisk pace all make Salvador attractive for home buyers or investors alike. Salvador will also be hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics which is likely to further push up the demand and prices and make real estate irresistible here.

Apartment Options
Salvador Apartment
If you're considering an apartment in Salvador then there's a broad range available and you are truly spoilt for choice. There's a broad price range and numerous benefit levels depending on exactly what it is you demand. The prices of course are based on multiple factors; the local attractions, the location, the size of the apartment and the facilities provided.

In general, these are the attributes to watch out for:

• Local attractions and location.

• The view.

• Proximity to public facilities like beaches, parks, schools, hospitals and playgrounds.

• Area of the flat, number and type of bedrooms, balconies. High end apartments are also available with suites and maid rooms.

• Lifts, generator backup and parking.

• Security, CCTV, etc.

• Wireless internet, individual gas and water connections.

• Pool with or without heating, conference room, sauna, indoor game facilities, gym, spa, lounge, playground, recreation area, garden, fountain, etc.

The less fully featured apartments in any area start with compact apartments of one or two bedrooms with essentials like security and parking. At the higher end, apartments have multiple suites and many premium facilities.

Salvador Apartments

Popular Salvador City Areas

There are a number of popular districts within Salvador each with there own offerings and attractions.

Salvador Apartment

Barra, Salvador where the Porto da Barra beach is located a great place to live if you're fond of the beach, it's also a prominent tourist destination. Also located near the city centre, it makes for a good base from which to explore Salvador or the numerous attractions the city has to offer. Barra is also well connected by public transport with most other districts of Salvador. These benefits attract all types of buyers including investors looking for capital appreciation as well as those looking to rent it out to visitors to the city.

Apartments are available from as little as $93,000 to as high as $1,376,000 with the average apartment costing around $428,000.

For just about $100,000 you can get apartments at walking distance from the beach with basic facilities like Wi-Fi, pool, fitness facilities, meeting room, etc.

About $300,000 will get you 2 bedroom apartments with one suite, a garage for parking two vehicles, a pool, sauna, party room, sports courts, etc.

At prices close to $500,000 you can find 3 to 4 bedroom apartments just a stone's throw away from the beach with one room as a suite, a garage to park 3 vehicles, a bar, individual water and gas connections, pool, fitness equipment, game room and garden area.

High end flats costing above $500,000 come with 3 suites, marble floors, pool, security, locker facilities and premium layouts such as only one apartment per floor, etc.

Apartment Graca

If you want an apartment in a prime residential area pretty close to the beach, then Graca is the place to look. Apartments at Graca could cost from $114,000 to $470,000 depending on the facilities with the average close to $253,000.

The more modest apartments are compact with 2 bedrooms and a suite. Usually there is a playground or play area facility.

At about $150,000 you can get a compact apartment with 2 suites, play area and party area.A comfortable apartment with 3 suites, 2 parking spaces, balcony and playground will cost close to $200,000.

About $400,000 will get you a spacious 3 bedroom apartment with 2 suites, 3 parking spaces, balcony, indoor sports facility, ballroom and sauna.

If you have a budget above $450,000 you can get very spacious 4 bedroom apartment in premium location with 2 suites, covered parking, pool, party room, sauna, sports facilities and a garden.

Salvador Odina Apartment

Ondina is where the zoo and botanical gardens of Salvador are located. The beaches here are small, but they have crystal clear water inviting you to dive in. So if nature, swimming and diving is your passion, Ondina may be a good place to start your apartment hunt. Apartments here can cost anywhere between $99,000 and $639,000 with an average cost of around $268,000.

For just under $100,000 you will get compact 2 bedroom apartments with essentials like cabinets and fans pre-fitted and 2 parking spaces.Serviced apartments with 2 suites, parking and facilities such as reception, laundry, maid service, pool, sauna, restaurant, etc. is available for around $172,000. This can be the perfect holiday home if you intend to visit only once in a while or rent it out to tourists.

A 4 bedroom apartment with fitted cabinets, 2 parking spaces, playground, and party room will cost you around $260,000.


Pituba again is located near the city centre. Middle class to upper middle class people live here. Pituba is home to many professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers and businessmen. This is already the preferred location for expatriates including many people from the US. Pituba has a wide range of apartments from as low as $81,000 to $440,000 with the average apartment costing around $190,000.

A compact apartment costing around $81,000 has one bedroom with fitted kitchen and bedroom cabinets, one parking space, pool, party room and facility for indoor sports.For around $100,000 you can get a 2 bedroom apartment with 1 suite, balcony, sea view and parking space.

You will have to pay around $125,000 for a 3 bedroom apartment with 1 suite, parking and other basic facilities.A comfortable apartment with 3 bedrooms, one suite, parking, playground, pool, indoor game room and function room will cost about $150,000.For $250,000 you can expect a spacious 3 bedroom apartment with 2 suites, garage, gym, pool, game room and individual gas and water connections.

A spacious 4 bedroom apartment with 2 suites and all other facilities including ballroom will cost around $320,000.If your budget is around $440,000 you can find a very spacious 4 suite apartment with pool, balcony, garages, and other premium facilities including a party room.


This is one of the most sought after locations in Salvador which provides many apartments with a panoramic view of the All Saint's Bay. Prices here can range from just under $250,000 to as high as $1,474,000 and the average apartment costs around $611,400.Prices start from $247,000 for which you can expect a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with fitted cabinets, parking and other basic facilities.

If you are willing to invest about $330,000, you will get a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 suites, sea view, pool, party room and split air-conditioning.If you have a budget near about $600,000 then a premium spacious apartment with bay view, 5 bedrooms, one of them a suite, multiple balconies, and all premium facilities including a ballroom are within your range.

Fully furnished 3 suite apartments with 4 parking spaces, pool, sauna, games, ballroom, and many other premium facilities will cost just under $1,475,000.

How Do You Choose An Apartment?

As you can see, the Salvador apartment market is extensive with many options. We have discussed only five popular districts within the city, but there are many more. It will be tough to find the right investment unless you take the time to fully investigate what is available and weigh up the various pros and cons.

The best thing you can do would be to spend some time looking thorough a good Bahia, Brazil real estate website with a broad spectrum of apartments to give you a clearer overview and it just so happens I know of a good site that specialises in Salvador real estate and that's us IBBI.

You can start by viewing Salvador apartments in general and some of the districts mentioned above but then you can easily broaden your search to investigate some of the other districts such as Aquarius, Alphaville, Garcia, Rio Vermelho and STIEP etc. or even consider other property types. It's up to you.

View apartments in Salvador now.

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