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Salvador - Costa Azul Apartments Affordable And Convenient


Salvador - Costa Azul Apartments Affordable And Convenient

There are many fast developing areas in the capital city of Salvador where real estate investment yields rich dividends and the locality is a convenient place to live in. One such area is Costa Azul, a middle class area about 17 km from the center of Salvador. Apartments in Costa Azul are a good buy whether you are looking for capital appreciation, rental potential or just as an urban home.

A Fast Developing Area

Costa Azul Real Estate
Costa Azul is located between the beaches of Pituba, Boca do Rio, Stiep, Armacao and Jardim de Alah. This locality has seen rapid growth in the last 20 years as a result of quite a few urban development initiatives. The more significant among these are the construction of the Costa Azul Park and commercial developments like the Hiper Bompreco Supermarket.

Whether it is hotels, clinics, travel agents, bars, eating outlets, schools, colleges, banks or shopping centers, at Costa Azul you have everything within the locality. Other than the park, another great attraction is its charming beach with its long line of beach umbrellas and activity.

Real Estate In Costa Azul

The residential real estate on offer in this locality consists almost entirely of apartments. Apartments in Costa Azul are priced between R$230,000 and the price can go as high as R$480,000 depending upon the location, size, layout and the facilities offered. An average apartment in Costa Azul should cost you about R$340,000.

As mentioned before, all everyday conveniences and necessities are available within the locality itself. So you can expect your apartment to be close to facilities like schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, bakeries and hospitals. Take a look at the type of apartments that you can expect for various price ranges.

View real estate for sale in Costa Azul.

Apartments Below R$300,000

Costa Azul Apartment
You will get apartments which are up to 85 sq. meters in carpet area. Most of these apartments will have two or three bedrooms with one suite. The lowest priced apartments may have only a single bedroom and at prices close to R$300,000, you may even get a four bedroom apartment.

The apartments may come with fitted cabinets in the kitchen and bedrooms. You will get parking space for one or two cars. As part of the common facilities, you can expect the following:

● Swimming pool.
● Ballroom.
● Game room.
● 24 hour concierge.
● Assembly room.
● Sports court.
● Playground.

Apartments From R$300,000 To R$350,000

You will find many apartments in this price range and the carpet area varies from 85 to 100 sq. meters. Most apartments have two or three bedrooms with one suite. You will get parking space for one or two cars.

In addition to recreational facilities mentioned before, you can expect a party space, maid services and central piped gas in some condos.

Apartments Priced Above R$350,000

Costa Azul Apartment
Most of the high end apartments in Costa Azul have a floor space of over 100 sq. meters. Quite a few of these condos have sea views. The layout is also less crowded, for example only two apartments per floor.

Some of the apartments higher up in the range are penthouses or have premium construction features like decorated ceiling or high quality flooring. You may also get a private swimming pool, though this is a rare feature.

Most apartments have three or four bedrooms with one or two suites. Parking for at least two cars is usually provided. Some apartments come furnished and others have high quality kitchen and bedroom cabinets already fitted.

You can expect a large swimming pool with premium features. In addition to all the facilities in the lower ranges, you can expect features like maid's room, sauna, etc.

If you are looking for affordable apartments in a fast growing neighborhood in Salvador, you are likely to find several of them in Costa Azul. Apartments in Costa Azul come with all features that can be expected in a middle class home. The availability of everyday necessities close by is an added bonus. 

View real estate in Costa Azul.
Salvador - Costa Azul Apartments Affordable And Convenient

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