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Trancoso Attractions And Property


Trancoso, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaTrancoso Attractions And Property

At the southern end of Brazil's Bahia State is the town of Trancoso. This small town awaits visitors with white sandy beaches set against cliffs with natural swimming pools formed by reefs at low tide, coconut groves and rainforest, balmy nights and the most famous village green in Brazil.

Shaped as a rectangle, the village retains the original style of its housing architecture with many quaint little houses. It is famous for its beaches, such as Praia dos Nativos, Praia dos Coqueiros and Praia do Espelho. In recent years the location has been developed by the hotel industry, including the French Club Mediterranée, which has boosted real estate value.

This portion of the southern Bahia coastline is called the Discovery Coast, or Costa de Descobrimento. Crowded during the summer and particularly on the New Year holiday, Trancoso is a wonderful destination year round. May to September tend to be the drier months; November and January, two of the rainiest.
Trancoso Beach Bahia

As in most of Brazil, the population is a mixture of native, African and Portuguese or other European descendants. In recent years, "winter birds" such as Canadians, Italians, Portuguese, Dutch, Greeks, Israeli, and other have purchased homes, bed and breakfast, restaurants, and stores here or in other Porto Seguro sections, such as Arraial d'Ajuda and eventually settled down in Trancoso.

Gisèle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and many other celebrities own a summer house here and the beach in Trancoso is among Brazil's most expensive.

While in the Brazilian summer (Dec - Feb) it turns into a little hotspot with VIP parties and a little jet-set scene, most of the year Trancoso is very quiet.

The Quadrado

The Brazilian praça, or square, still a focal point for socialising in so many small towns, is often a circular area in front of the main church - the word praça implies no square angles.
Trancoso Bahia

Trancoso's Quadrado (literally, "Square") is a rectangular village green lined with about 60 brightly coloured little houses and ancient trees. It is capped by the pretty, all-white São João Batista church at the end closest to the cliff by the beach overseeing the Atlantic Ocean. The Quadrado, coloured houses and Church are UNESCO protected.

The Quadrado - closed to cars - and Mirante, the lookout point behind it, make up the vital centre of Trancoso life, with capoeira, evening soccer games, boutiques, eateries, and charming pousadas.

Trancoso Beaches

Trancoso beaches are, to the north of the Trancoso River below the Quadrado: Praia dos Nativos, Rio da Barra and Taípe (site of Club Med and said to be part of Arraial d'Ajuda). South of the river, you'll find Coqueiros, Rio Verde, Ponta de Itapororoca and Itaquema. They're all beautiful; the south beaches have more beach bar options.

About eight miles south of the Quadrado, a gorgeous Discovery Coast beach deserves a stay for at least one night: Praia do Espelho.

Staying in a house might well be the ideal way to enjoy everything Trancoso has to offer. You'll find all kinds of vacation rentals, from stunning design homes to charming and tiny bungalows.

Nearby Attractions

Monte Pascoal National Park, named for the mount the Portuguese spotted as the first sign of land as they approached the Bahia coast in April 1500, is a must-see in the Trancoso area.

Visiting an indigenous village is not only interesting, but also a way to help the tribe through ecotourism and the purchase of crafts.In Trancoso, you're near the state-of-the-art Terravista Golf, one of the top local attractions.

Imóveis Brasil Bahia can help you with your Trancoso property search.

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Trancoso Attractions And Property

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