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What Does Real Estate In Porto Seguro Have To Offer?


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaWhat Does Real Estate In Porto Seguro Have To Offer?

If you are looking for a perfect place to live or invest in, then Porto Seguro is the place for you. This well-connected town is . Just a ferry ride away is the charming village of Arraial d'Ajuda and a little further the lovely beaches of Trancoso. Whichever way you look at it, Porto Seguro real estate is attractive, reasonably priced and appeals to all types of buyers. In fact, most of the real estate here, about 90%, is owned by Brazilians.

Porto Seguro is a town with historical significance and there are quite a few historical attractions here. Located in the southern coastal area of Bahia, midway between the cities of Salvador and Vitoria, it is well connected with the other parts of Brazil by air and road. The town has a party atmosphere and is also famous for its night life. You will find all kinds of real estate offerings in Porto Seguro. Take a look at what you can expect.

An Overview Of Porto Seguro Real Estate

Apartments, houses and plots of land are available in a wide price range. Apartments are available from R$85,000 to R$3,25,000. Houses can cost you anywhere between R$68,000 to R$2,500,000. Depending upon location and size, land prices can vary from R$300,000 to R$15,500,000. Take a look at each type of real estate in some more detail.

Apartments In Porto Seguro
Porto Seguro Apartment

Nice apartments not far from the Taperapuan beach in gated communities or condos are available. You will get construction sizes from 75 sq. meters onwards. An average apartment will cost you about R$152,000. Most apartments on offer have two bedrooms and some come with one or maybe even two suites.

Access to a pool as part of the community facility is usually available. Depending upon the price, some apartments have air-conditioning installed and most have some sort of parking facility. Some come furnished and sometimes you have both options, furnished or unfurnished.

Most apartments except the ones at the lowest end of the price range will have one or more balconies and in some condos additional common facilities like leisure area, barbecue and service area may be available.

Luxury apartments are available in the Xurupita resort hotel complex with all facilities. It is a lush green area with sea view, fresh air, peace and quiet. You will also have high quality recreational and sports facilities. The apartments which are priced between R$2,75,000 to R$3,25,000 are prefect if you are looking to rent them out to tourists. You also have the option of adding your apartment to the apartment pool of the resort, which is excellent because it will make a great holiday home for you and will generate income when you are not using it.

View apartments in Porto Seguro now.

Porto Seguro Houses
Porto Seguro House

A wide range of houses are on offer in Porto Seguro. You can get a single bedroom house for just under R$100,000 about half a km from the beach. A house near the city center with a sea view could cost you about R$900,000.

Below R$500,000, you will get nice houses not far from the beach or the town. These houses have built-up area from 85 to 650 sq. meters on plots of about 500 sq. meters. Price depends upon the location, size of the house and the plot. You can expect two or three bedrooms with up to two suites.

Except for houses in the bottom of the range, you can expect a swimming pool and some houses come with a small garden. Good garage or parking facility for one or more cars is usually available. You can also expect one or more of other facilities like recreation area, service area, barbecue or maid's room.

On a higher budget, between R$700,000 to R$900,000, you will get luxury houses. Most of these have several premium qualities, say, a beautiful location overlooking the sea or beach, a huge plot of land or high quality construction. Premium facilities like multi car garage, well designed garden, fancy swimming pool, round the clock security, employee quarters, jacuzzi and sauna can be expected.

Colonial houses in the historic center are sometimes available. Being a premium area the price can easily be in the range of R$2,500,000.

View houses in Porto Seguro now.

Buying Land In Porto Seguro
Porto Seguro Land

Land can cost anywhere from about R$300,000 to R$15,500,000 depending upon the location, size and what it is suitable for. Some plots of land are already approved for residential or commercial projects.

Below R$600,000 depending on the type, you can get land from 500 sq. meters to 55 hectares. Beach-front land or land on the seaside is also available. You can find real estate suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

From R$1000,000 to R$1,600,000 you should get land in great locations suitable for development into a large condo. You can find plots with approval for building multiple houses for residential purposes. The area can be anywhere from 2000 sq. meters to about 1 hectare. Farmlands are available and depending upon the size and the type of land, the cost could be as high as R$15,500,000.

View land in Porto Seguro now.

The tourism potential of Porto Seguro and surrounding places make it an ideal investment for generating rental income, for capital appreciation or for use as a holiday home. Porto Seguro real estate offers homes of different types in a wide price range making it suitable for different types of budgets. If you are looking for a home or an investment in southern Bahia, then take a careful look at what is available in Porto Seguro.

View all the real estate for sale in Porto Seguro.Click here to view real estate within Porto Seguro

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What Does Real Estate In Porto Seguro Have To Offer?

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