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What You Can Expect From A Praia do Forte Condo


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaWhat You Can Expect From A Praia do Forte Condo

If you are looking for a peaceful condo property in Bahia, Praia do Forte is the perfect place to start. The coastal location, natural attractions and eco-tourism initiatives have transformed the once tiny fishing village into the star of the Bahian coast. Despite being close to the capital city of Salvador and a tourist hot spot, the town continues to retain its rustic charm.

You can view a 4k drone video of the beaches in Praia do Forte on You Tube.

You will find many types of real estate including commercial spaces and undeveloped land in Praia do Forte, but the easiest way to own your dream home is to look for an apartment or a house in a gated community.

Praia do Forte Condos - Overview

Residential condos, consisting of apartments and houses, account for a large chunk of real estate here. The prices depend on several factors like the location, size, facilities and the type and age of construction. The price of apartments starts from about R$300,000 for a 40 sq. m. apartment. You have plenty of choice and it is easy to find apartments with up to three bedrooms. 

Houses start from about R$1,000,000. Most of them have at least three bedrooms and build area of 200 sq. m. or more. You can find condos near the beach, close to the center of the village, near the Timeantube lagoon and several other quiet places.

You can also look for apartments and homes within resorts or five star properties. Residents of these high-end condos have access to most of the recreational facilities of the resort. Some of them may be on a pay per use or on membership basis.

Apartments Up To R$650,000

If you have a limited budget, look for a comfortable apartment in a nice location. For prices from R$300,000 to R$650,000, you can get cozy one and two-bedroom apartments with 40 to 85 sq. m. of build area. Most of them are within gated communities close to the village center. Some apartments are semi or fully furnished. You can also look for one-bedroom apartments within luxury hotel complexes like the Iberostar.


• Parking.
• Security.
• Swimming pool.
• Garden or lawn.
• Gym.
• Playground.
• Tennis courts in some of the larger condos.
• Party hall.

Apartments In The R$650,000 To R$1,000,000 Range

If you have a higher budget, you can look for upscale condos and larger apartments. Most of these condos are located in scenic places close to important attractions like the lagoon or the Tamar project. You can also look for two-bedroom apartments within five star properties. You can choose from two and three-bedroom apartments with 100 to 140 sq. m. build area. Some of them may have air-conditioning installed.


• One or two parking slots.
• Basement parking may be available in some condos.
• Security.
• Large swimming pool. A separate pool for kids may also be available.
• Landscaped garden.
• Clubhouse.
• Gym.
• Playground.
• Tennis courts.
• Play area for kids.
• Facility for indoor games.
• Party hall.

Apartments Over R$1,000,000

This range consists of the most sought after apartments in Praia do Forte. Most of these buildings have the stamp of renowned architects and you can also expect top-class construction quality. You have a choice of waterfront condos, condos located near the village center or quiet locations near the beach. Most of the apartments offer magnificent views of the surrounding greenery, the beach or the sea.

You will have no difficulty in finding spacious two, three or four-bedroom apartments with built up area of up to 250 sq. m. Apartments will usually include a room for maids. In this range, you can expect semi or fully furnished apartments.


• Covered parking space for multiple vehicles and separate parking space for visitors.
• Storage facility.
• Security.
• Maid service.
• Large landscaped gardens.
• Clubhouse.
• Large swimming pool with deck and features like poolside bar. Separate pool for kids.
• Gym.
• Playground.
• Tennis courts.
• Play area for kids.
• Facility for indoor games.
• Party hall.
• Restaurants.

Houses Up To R$1,800,000

Houses in gated communities start from about R$1,000,000. The lower range of these houses have a built-up area of about 250 to 350 sq. m. and the area of the lot will range from 300 to 400 sq. m. These houses have at least four bedrooms and possibly, an extra room for the maid. You have a variety of location choices. You can find such condos near Tamar, near the sea or the beach. You can also look for homes in resorts like the Iberostar. Furniture may be included in some of the properties.


• Large swimming pool.
• Garden or lawn.
• Garage.
• Kids play area.
• Paved streets inside the condo.

Houses Over R$1,800,000

The majority of condo houses in Praia do Forte fall in this range. With the right budget, you can look for a large villa in a high-end condo. These condos are located in the most sought after areas and your home will probably be just a stone's throw from the beach. You can also look for large homes in luxury resorts.

Some of these high-class homes are designed by renowned architects and you can expect nothing short of top-notch design and construction. With a built-up area between 300 and 500 sq. m., space will never be a problem. You can expect four or five bedrooms and a room for the maid. Most of these homes come with high-quality furniture and are fully air-conditioned.


• Round the clock security and surveillance.
• Wide paved streets inside the condo.
• Transportation within the condo using golf carts.
• Large well-designed swimming pool with deck.
• Beautiful landscaped gardens with fruit trees.
• Garage for multiple cars.
• Concierge.
• Cleaning service.
• Laundry service.
• Gardening service.
• Restaurants, bars and poolside bars.
• Excellent play and recreation facilities for kids.
• Gym and spa.
• Ballroom and party area.
• Playground, tennis and volleyball courts.
• Facility for indoor games.
• Jogging tracks.

Bahia has always been one of the best places to look for a home in coastal Brazil. If you are looking for a peaceful home near Salvador, then Praia do Forte and surrounding areas are the right places to start your search. The town has lovely condos in splendid locations and the region has the best potential for rentals and real estate value appreciation.View all properties available in Praia do Forte

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What You Can Expect From A Praia do Forte Condo

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