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Booming yet Underdeveloped Tourist Market

In 2011, there were 11.3 million tourists in Bahia, with 95% (10,592,941) coming from domestic tourism, and the remaining 5% (558,000) coming from tourists travelling from other countries. Bahia receives more international travellers than all the States in the Brazilian northeast combined, with 558,000 visitors in 2011 (Bahia - 11,6%, Ceará - 3,7%, Pernambuco - 3,4%, Rio Grande do Norte - 2,5%, Alagoas - 1,1%, Maranhão - 0,9%, Paraíba - 0,7%, Sergipe - 0,3%, Piauí - 0,2%). 

In 2011, Bahia’s tourism revenue, according to FIPE, was R$7 billion against R$5.06 billion in 2009, a 38% increase. International revenue totalled R$734.3 million, or 10.5% of the total for the entire country.  Regarding domestic tourism revenue, Bahia ranks second, surpassed only by São Paulo.  

Booming yet Underdeveloped Tourist Market Continued...

Bahia represents 13.2% of the Brazil’s tourism GDP.  São Paulo is responsible for 20.3%, while Santa Catarina is in third place with 9.1%.

With Brazil rapidly coming to terms with its potential for tourism and the positive benefits to its economy, it has set up a tourism board – EMBRATUR – to champion and promote tourism abroad. 

Tourism employs over 150,000 people in the state and accounts for 7.5% of Bahia’s gross domestic product, three times the national average. 

Many of the major tourist and hotel groups have, or are setting up shop in Bahia. Much of Bahia suffers from a shortage of capacity, but this is being rapidly addressed, particularly with the Olympics and the World Cup on the horizon and tourism increasing year on year.

As Brazilians travel more and more people from outside of Bahia visit for short breaks as well as holidays, the demand for second homes will increase, especially in resorts/condominiums with full infrastructure and good accessibility.
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