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Why Buy An Apartment In Porto Seguro?


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaWhy Buy An Apartment In Porto Seguro?

Porto Seguro has everything that someone intending to purchase an apartment in Bahia for investment is likely to consider. It is also a great place if you are planning to retire or settle down in the southern coastal area of Bahia.

Advantages Of Owning An Apartment In Porto Seguro

1: There's a wide variety of choice in terms of sizes, facilities and cost.

2: Porto Seguro is the hub of tourism in southern coast of Bahia due to its connectivity, historical significance, tourism infrastructure and proximity to places of high tourism potential.

3: The development in Porto Seguro is controlled to preserve the rustic charm of the area. You need not worry about the ill effects of uncontrolled urbanization and its impact on your investment.

4: The demand for real estate here is domestically driven with most homes being owned by Brazilians. The demand will not go down due to global factors, thus preserving the value of your investment.

5: It is an excellent place to settle down or own a holiday home.

Your Options For Apartments In Porto Seguro
Porto Seguro Apartment

Porto Seguro Apartments are usually part of buildings with one or two floors. Most of them are part of gated communities or condos. They are usually located in quiet areas, a few minutes walk to the beach and a few minutes drive to town.

Sometimes they are also available as part of a resort complex, offering most of the facilities that you would expect in a high-end resort hotel. They are excellent buys if your goal is to earn rental income from tourists. They will also make great holiday homes.

Apartments In Gated Communities

These are mostly located in gated communities near the Taperapuan beach. Depending on your budget, you can choose from built-up area of 75 to 90 sq. meters. You can get a two bedroom house with one or two suites in this range. Depending upon the price, you can expect one or more balconies.

As part of the common facilities it's likely a swimming pool is available. You can also look for other common facilities like leisure areas, barbecue facility, service area or a common garden. You will most likely get some form of open parking facility. Some apartments come furnished, including air-conditioning. In some cases you have the option of buying the furniture by paying an additional amount.

Costs here are between R$85,000 to R$1,55,000. On an average the price will work out to about R$1,27,000 for an unfurnished property.

Luxury Apartments In Resort Settings
Porto Seguro Luxury Apartment

Once in a while properties become available that are part of a resort. One such opportunity that is available at the time of writing is Xurupita.

Xurupita is a residential condominium and a resort hotel. The hotel has a few upmarket two bedroom properties which are currently available to buyers. This is an excellent opportunity to own a high class apartment in a resort setting. If you are a nature lover, the location itself will impress you. The condominium is connected to the hotel by a bridge that links to a nature reserve and most of these properties come with a sea view. The hotel has a famous restaurant, spa and excellent sports facilities which are available to the apartment owners. 

Owners can utilise their property as they please or even rent it out through the hotel itself. This makes it perfect for a holiday home which can be properly maintained and rented out when you are not using it. The price range here for a typical of 110 sq. meter apartments ranges from R$275,000 to R$325,000.

Porto Seguro is a nice place with a historic charm, an atmosphere of celebration with some lovely quiet beaches nearby and a great nightlife. If you are looking for an apartment in Bahia, don't forget to check out what is available here. Porto Seguro apartments could offer just what you are looking for.

View apartments available in Porto Seguro.Click here to view real estate within Porto Seguro

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Why Buy An Apartment In Porto Seguro?

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